30 nov  2011     >   18/9   >   Moon/Hermit


What needs closure for you to move along?

Did  you notice the snow on the land looks like a moonscape?

Are the patterns of your life, the rhythms, working for you?


Sippy the coffee, praise to the day.

The last day of the month and the first snow clings to the wet Earth.  It beautiful.  Drenched in white and shadow.  Rain fell for more than 24 hours and turned to snow.  It’s mighty wet out there.  And…I have a carport that nestles my car away from the white and wet.  No need to scrape off ice and crap.  YOU have no idea the joy this brings. OH YA BABY.


~~~~~~~~~         999999999         ~~~~~~~~~


Wet white wrap woven with crystalline whittle

Lays languid layers in limitless white on the land


Winter wet wonders not who gives the wish

Snow seasons silently the winter scene


Silence shivers singing to the gone of Summer 

Make merry mirth of winter mystery


Winter white will lay her season’s watch

Envelope Earth’s eager want for quiet rest






the first day of snow

feeling of calm

finding my little feathered christmas tree

my home

my work


Friends and family

Sweet pets



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11 responses to “WINTER ALITERATIONS

  1. What a lot of snow ! Made me feel cold.

    Wet white wrap woven with crystalline whittle.. wonderful.


  2. i share similar grats…my cat is curled up right her as i read…the alliteration was a lot of fun to read…supposed to maybe snow here by weeks end…i cant wait actually i find much magic in it…


  3. love the nature and thankfulness in this..and love the questions..esp… Are the patterns of your life, the rhythms, working for you? this is a good question..and always and again worth to re-think it..


    • Thanks Claudia. Nature weave lots of words for me. Thankfulness is something I do my best to give myself to everyday. Sometime bunches of times through the day.
      Did you answer the questions? peace to you. jeanne


  4. So see you have the flow of snow and a comfy carport to boot. My puppy is looking forward to a fresh white and wet carpet. Me. Nope

    But enjoy.


  5. love this, you rock, girl.

    your blog is fascinating.


  6. stunning imagery …

    keep us inspired,


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