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31 dec  2011    >  2/11/20   >  Priestess/Strength/lust/Aeon/judgement


What needs to dis-solve so you can re-solve?

What inner wisdom calls you to notice what you need to be accountable for?

How can you counsel yourself?


The last day of 2011.  A call to a new year has been given.  Much ‘ado’ has been tossed into the stories of possibilities of what this year, 2012, will be or not be.  What I know for me, regardless of the stirring of myths in the cauldron of life, is that the best of me is served in good attitude and living in gratitude.  What is coming or what has been holds the moment, the now, captive in an illusion of make-believe that holds little truth for me.

What has gone to yesterday is finished.  What will be tomorrow, is unknown.  Sitting here writing, listen to the back ground of my family, chatting and laughing is all there is to my breathing and heart beat.  The moment is lovely.


Also, in my now, I’m gonna jump to a ‘game’ that the kids have got that’s called “Bucky balls”. Yep that’s what they’re called.  Little magnetic balls, the size of bee-bee pellets, that you can build with.  The new legos.  Go Google them.  I want some so I can nurture my need to have busy fingers.  

The Bucky Ball Rapsody


Bucky Balls be where it’s at

I gonna have to rap about that


Ya wanna take their goodness

Ya wanna take a ride

Ya wanna take those pellets

and go Bucky Ball wild


Magnetic little bee-bees little coloured trips

Take those damn bucky’s 

make a Bucky Ball whip

Don’t think those sticky bucky’s 

got a hold on you?

You be lying when you’re trying

to lose the Bucky Ball moves


Bucky Balls be special

Bucky balls be real 

Damn those little Buckys

I’z got the Bucky ball feel

Addictive little bee-bees

magnetic little shits

I can’t help myself in making

a ship to take a trip


You’re gonna need a million  

a gagillion might be fine

to build a Bucky  ship

n’ sail this little rhyme

Across the big blue oceans

Around the world you float

I’m telling you my people

Bucky Balls ain’t no silly joke


They’re the latest fever

They’re the latest want

Get yerself some Bucky

take the Bucky Ball jaunt






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30 dec 2011    >   1/10/19   > Magician/Wheel of Fortune/Sun


As the year comes to a close, What ‘magical tool’ would you like to implement in the coming year?

The ‘wheel’ turns for another year; Do you stand in the center of your life?

What does the center of your life look/feel/sound/taste like?

How do you imagine your life to be?


The line grew at the grocery

Waiting for poverty to pay

for milk, and taco shells

Flakes of filth powdered the air

We all inhaled him in his struggle


Impatient to not be his witness

Our hunger couldn’t match his

I felt his humiliation rise to indifference

Past the point of caring if we knew

If we knew of his nothing in our everything


And the line grew while the cashier

held her patience in kindness

To his hard times and empty pockets

Jobless calloused hands searching

in the lonely winter nothing


Twenty dollars to feed a moment

Twenty dollars to get the line moving

Twenty dollars to assuage my heart ache

Twenty dollars  for tacos for his visiting son

He tells me in his thank you





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Sippy the coffee… gather alllll the ‘stuff’ , Pack it in the car, plop the dog in the backseat, GEEZER ROAD TRIP.  New years in Hale, MI.  HALE YES!  Family fun.  Yippeee.  No snow.  We like snow in my family.  Card games, silliness, cocktails, good eats.  Lots of goodness.

NO computer access, or very little.  I may not be able to upload my poems on this blog.  I Will be writing everyday, sharing when I can.  





Make it up as you go

Don’t let your mind say no

Sit with it and see

What is it that calls to thee?


There is no right or wrong

When you give yourself to the song

That plays around in your head

Like a dream in the pillow on your bed


It might be the very calling

That fulfills a deep felt longing

You’ve hungered for to say

Put it off each and every day


Make it up as you go along

Do it when you hear that song

You’ve hungered for to sing

Give yourself to the beat and the swing


It won’t just go away

Even if you put it off another day

It lingers deep inside

Don’t think that you can hide


From the self you long to be

Nibbles at what will set you free

Isn’t it about that time

When you will join me in this rhyme


Release your inhibitions 

Create a new tradition

Give voice to what you love

It isn’t over there or above


It’s settled in your bones

It will not leave you alone

Till you do it…

~~~~~~~~~         9         ~~~~~~~~~

            TAROT / NUMBER TALK

29 dec 2011   >  9/18   >   Hermit/Moon


What if you moved through this day with your heart as your lead?

What have you let ‘slide’ away that calls to you to make completion with?

Can you dance beneath the light of the Moon?


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The meadow is snow laden

a circle that glistens in the noon sun

sparks of light dance on my eyes

A fireworks of white meadow

hidden deep in the forest’s silhouette  


Seasons call me to this place

where silence is never silent

and peace is ever present

Sun finds a place to rest here

with no interruption 


The circle is smooth white

The austerity is clean and bright

Doe eyes turn their heads in unison

I am seen in the quietude

before tracks have laid a path


I want to be first, first to lay

my angel form in the white sparkle

There is no race and race I do

to the center, to the center standing

alone with the forest and the deer


I raise my hands to the heavens in salutation

a soft spray of glisten swirls up my legs

The rush of winter chill caresses my face

I lay my body down in the cold white flock

I see my breath a cloud of whisper


My wings  pull up from my sides 

My legs spread wide in similar motion

Again and again I press my form

Lay my angel self to this white meadow

Imagine the heavens split wide in sacred song


I let the full cold of winter fill me

The whisper cloud of breath surround me

I am celestial, a being of heaven on earth

A meadow to the busy of the world around me

A quiet bed of snow to lay my angel down.


28 DEC 2011   >   8/17   >  Adjustment/balance/The Star


How will you imagine heaven on earth?

What is it to feel balance and centeredness?

How will you shine in the night sky?









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The world is full of make believe

Santa is the least of our betrayals

There is charm to that myth

There is pleasure in the story

That invites the wonder of magic


That puts the spell of possibilities

That dances sugar plum fairies

and a fat man in red that slides

Down a chimney leaving  you

a gift under a glittering tree. 


We give ourselves to the make believe

Letting the glitter of hope and joy

Fill our moments for a little while

Fill our moments with wonder

Full of fiction, staged and performed


The world is full of make believe

We hunger for the hope and joy

In the out there somewhere riding on

A sleigh of reindeer and a HO Ho Ho.

We choose this myth lavishly


Or find another story to take its place

Our lust for sharing and giving

celebrating family and friends 

For finding ways to not be alone

To suspend what is for what isn’t


Oh how we hunger for goodness

And the well being of joy and the jolly

Oh how we make believe so well

Under the christmas tree and lights

“Santa’s back in town”.


What if Santa never left town?

~~~~~~~       7777777       ~~~~~~~


 27 dec  2011   >7/16  >     Chariot/Tower


If you could ‘save the world’  what would you do?

Can you direct your focus back to what needs your attention?

What gives you security and peace?


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The Sun cracked the grey


Chipped away at it like a baby chick


determined to birth itself




First a sliver of jagged light


seeping out and then 


The grey fell away




An empty shell dissolved


by a day that yearned for light


All the spaces filled in celebration




The chirp of life took a breath


Bathed in the warm goodness


Shimmering in the wonder




The Sun cracked the grey


birthed a  new bright day


Washed away yesterdays woe 


~~~~~~      666666      ~~~~~~


26  dec  2011   >   6/15    >   Lovers/Devil




How has love made you a better person?


How has the symbol of the devil made you a more aware person?


As the New Year comes, what are you thinking are some good things to make resolution with?




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25 DEC 2011  >  5/14  >  Hierophant/Alchemy/Art


How do you ‘birth’ your own spirit of kindness, peace, and compassion?

What is impossible that is  possible?

How do you define the source of Creativity?


Tho’ my spiritual journey does not embrace the Christian tradition that Jesus is my personal savior,I do acknowledge and honor the man Jesus and his life of giving, his unconditional love, compassion, kindness, and ability to Forgive.

On this day that symbolizes his birth, I sit here and honor the ‘birth’ of  all those things within myself; that I may be compassionate, kind, loving, giving, and able to forgive.

Everyday, is day to birth these elements of a life well lived in the consciousness of their expression.  How might you ‘birth’ the symbol of the Christ Child within yourself?


Give Joy to the World

Unconditional is love

Spring forgives Winter


Merry be your days

stack the cards in your favor

make a deal with Love


Who are you kidding

We always knew the true you

Let’s pop the bubbly








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