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What binds you to relationships that don’t serve your life?

How does Love free you?

In a positive way, how does ‘be-devilment’ become your ally?


White on the outside and all snuggly colourful on the inside.  Burrrr.  Seems I have come to bring you the Ann Arbor, Mi weather report.  

On this 1st of Dec;  A thin layer of snow still clings to the surfaces of outside life.  With exceptions of rambunctious squirrels that insist upon writhing their little brown grey bodies on my roof and across the front window to torture my cat. (and me too) Neighbors remain fit as they briskly walk their dogs, carrying their little poop bags for the deposits from their little darlings.  (some not so little)  The steam rises.

The sun gives a golden glow rising, extending the morning in pale blues and hints of coral in the floating clouds.  The first day of December holds the promise of that false sense of warmth from a bright sunny day that really is frickin’ freezing cold and your little nose hair icicle up on the first inhale.  Welcome December.


~~~~~~      666666      ~~~~~~

All seasons hold a promise

They will arrive holding possibilities

Following each other relentlessly

Seducing you with their giving


Few promises come from me

In the seasons of fruit and snow

The greening to the falling

Only that I will rise till I don’t anymore


There is no pact with the devil

Friendly lovers come and go

Held to no promise, with possibilities

Some ache still with false expectation


It’s not that my seasons don’t hold promise

They will come following the others 

verdant and bright, flowers to fruit

carpets of leaves, white winter chill


They will come with their cycle and patterns

Teasing, ravishing, turbulent, gentle

The only promise is that they will come

Seized by a moment of rain or sun


It is the cycle of life, the souls seasons

Steady patterns that come in metaphor

Reminding you of who you are and

Who you have always been.

















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