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If it feels too big to handle, Can you focus it to a more manageable situation?

What happens when you get too far from your hearts desire?

What have you been studying, giving your focus to, have a passion for,  that is NOW ready to share?


Sippy the coffee.  aaaah.  I tried a new mix of coffee and It’s just not quite right.  It’s not awful and I will be going to get what I prefer later today.  The sippy the coffee in the wee hours of morning is a must do.  Whose with me on that?  mmm?

Weather report… gotta give it.  It’s a smoky frosty sort morning.  I think it has alot to do with the bitter chill that lays itself like a ghost over every surface and any in-between it can find.  That’s it, it more like a ghost frost, hovering.  The stately naked oaks catch a breeze way to their top, waving to friends off in other neighborhoods or maybe swaying to push the cold away.  The gold glow of the Sun now pulls up from the East a blanket of deep grey that hears the ghost frost’s call.  gonna be a chilly one today.

~~~~~~~       7777777       ~~~~~~~


Ghost frost is winter’s fog

Tiny bits of frozen freeze

Float close touching not melting

Hovering smoke like your breath

below zeros exhale


Exposed skin feels the ghost wander

Flushed flesh tingles with ice shards

Resistance scarfs the freeze

With the where outside to hide

Is no-where below zero’s breath


Day rises slow to break chills seal

Ghost frost finds shelter 

Lays his hover to the ground hiding

Waiting to free float as darkness falls

To creep frozen fog into your senses


Those tiny bits of frozen freeze

Hovering smoke like your breath

An exhale of moist to freeze

As the Earth breathes her Winter breath

Sending us the Ghost of Frosty mornings





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