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If you could make the planet a better place what 5 things would you do right now?

How are you safe in your vulnerability?

How do you share your ‘night light’?


At 7:03 a.m. it is still the pitch of dark pushing in on an eastern slice of deep grey.  Even in two minutes I can see the halo of light rise.  By the time I am finished with this mornings blabber blog and elegant poetry, (tee hee)the Sun will be beaming at the horizon.


Sippy the better morning coffee.  Clearly, if the coffee bean isn’t dark, shiny, and next to bitter, I’m not much of a fan of it.  Tho’ as I have said before, I will drink most coffees and complain about them after.  I know.. I should be grateful that I have a cuppa Joe and a sippy the coffee no matter what.  And the sky softens to lighter grey.


~~~~~~~~        88888888         ~~~~~~~~

       maya copa  JOE

Joe made the name for the common man

Average guy, doing what the average man can

Eattin’ Meat n’ potatoes farmed up the road

A sweet little wife, 3 kids, carrying his load

He was the average Joe.


The army called Joe to go out to war

leaving his family so he can stand up for

The American way, he must follow that code

Give of himself cause that’s what he owed

He was the average Joe


Some how Joe got to be that regular guy

Did the right thing in the do or the die

Gave of himself, stayed on the right road

vows to his family, vows to the American mode

He was the average Joe


Hard to know when Joe said enough is enough

Being the regular guy to give up all of his tough

Maybe the war with all the blood and the guts

Maybe missing his family got Joe in a rut


Rebellion came hard once decided came fast

The common man Joe said no more, this is the last

Joe made his way home to the wife and the kids

War damaged his soul, he went on the skids


No more average or compliant is this new Joe

He finds his way back to go with his new flow

He speaks to the people of peace and good will

He is the face of redemption he is there to instill


What ever is common or average, or plain

Doesn’t mean what you do comes out just the same

You do what you do cause you believe it is right

Consider you motives before you start up the fight

The only Joe I want is a Cuppa. 



 Dawn rising



holiday lights

the smell of fruit









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