4 dec 2011      >    18/9    >    Moon/Hermit


How do you burden yourself with trying to hard to get it alllll done?

As you sit quietly for a moment, what answers is right there waiting for you to hear?

Are you liking the pattern of your life?  What would you change?


The outside weather report:  all icky and raining.  Still too early for the Sun.  It will be hiding behind the grey.

The inside weather report:  slept for 9hours.  Oddly kinda sleepy, but then the patter of rain lulls my senses.  The cranky of yesterday fell away with the sleep.  Wondering how to tend to a situation that is annoying for me.  EEk.. I feel like I just wrote a ‘Dear Diary’ entry.  I guess I did.  Well, chuckle my way into that one.

Oh.. and I know you want to know that I am sippy the coffee with new and wonderful coffee.  Why did I stray from the best?  Silly me.

~~~~~~~~~         999999999         ~~~~~~~~~


There is no shutting her up, she needs to hear herself

maybe to feel alive, maybe to feel connected, 

maybe cause her audience is captive

maybe cause it’s her only way in to being heard

maybe cause she lonely and her need is great.


I’m pretty sure she has no idea why herself

Her spew in constant jabber fills the room

Suffocating toxic spillage of words held together

In sentences of advise and her way to rightness

A need rather than an exchange or a sharing


A need so great that I can feel a pain behind it

That well of loneliness that aches to the center of the earth

A lonely that can never be reach or fed by anyone or thing

Maybe that is why I find it unbearable some days

That fear that lives in her loneliness and the stalk of death


I can find compassion, give a little kindness and goodness

imagine a colorful cosmic vacuum sweeping up the place

That can gather the spillage in the room filled with her

Endless, chronic verbiage that slams into the walls

fills all the space with her congested fear 






OPONOPONO….  “I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  I love you.  thank you.”  






writing poems everyday


family and friends

Good coffee









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