5 dec 2011     >  19/10/1   >   Sun/Wheel of Fortunate/Magicain


How do you shine the light on what is complicated and difficult?

The wheel of life turns sometimes fast, sometime slow; are you ready?

Magic is always in the wind, in the land, in the rivers and puddles, it’s in the heat of the Sun,…

   How will you gather that magic to you?


A2 weather report.  wet…more wet than yesterday.  Endless rain.  It does have a soft patter that is comforting.  It is that wet that chills the bones and brings a shiver up your spine.  Wet… upon more wet, flooding.  In the metaphor of it all, as you join me here this, did I say ‘wet’ morning?  Yes… well, When it rains and rains within your heart, sobs of it, or when it rains and rain within your dry summer and you rejoice for it;  How does the weather within you respond to the weather outside of you?  just askin.


~~~~~~~~~~          10101010101010          ~~~~~~~~~~


Song and poetry gathers witness

Stories given rhythmic cadence

Soul feeding feeds the flame

Held to gratitudes endless gain


Touching word smith new beginnings

Chant the chorus days gone by

In the new life out the old

Confusion made by stories told


Lonely walk rain holds the tear

Drive to familiar comfort there

Police cars fills the space  

Slam his body and his face


Held to shock wonder why

Familiar safety angry law

Comfort lost violence unfolds

Tears of rain in the wet cold


Home to the heart comfort at last

Jammies on Christmas lights

Dog and cat welcome love

Passing is this wet above


Life does weave the circle turns

You dance or you sit it out

Be it complicate be it not

Best to dance twirl a lot.


You choose the way there it goes

Consequence follows goes the flow

Life presents it’s everything

Sometimes it’s love or little fling


 You choose…




















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4 responses to “IT WAS A COMPLICATED DAY

  1. love your wonders on top.\
    powerful piece.


  2. moving, wet, and haunting imagery.
    lovely details.

    you rock.



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