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Take a moment of silence.  Breathe.  I invite you to imagine your child self as I ask these questions to that innocent wisdom that has the answers.  Uncomplicated, clear answers.  Listen. 

What stands between what you feel and what you know?

What rises from your shadows into the Light for clarity?

Can you take some time today to pay attention to the world around you with out a critical eye?


I will now refer to the Weather Report as the WR..  And.. one day I just may not give a weather report.  I’m not really sure why I started this in the first place except perhaps to jabber idly for awhile while I figured out what I was gonna write poetically.  Not that I don’t want you to know … cause I’m sure you want to…

The metaphor of weather has made itself literal.  The wet cold on the outside, all drippy and unpleasant has found itself on my inside.  Sneeze and snotty.  so.. not pretty.  I am pretty sure I do not have a layer of white all over me, tho’ I do look good in white. I suppose I could give myself a big roll in the wet freeze of the lawn and see what happens.  Of course, I will not do that silliness at my geezer age.  well.. I might under other circumstances.  I ramble.


~~~~~~~~~~~     11111111111

George Forman gave us  his grill

As if watching him box wasn’t enough of a thrill

Laying a left and than knockin’ a right 

slammin’ some meat, cook it right like I like


I didn’t expect much from George’s household grill

I preferred charcoal or gas to his grill with the frills

Then at a garage sale was one waiting for me

Well used at a good price a deal he made just for me


Suspicious, excited, I un-bagged it at home

Admired its clean lines it’s sleek uniformed form

What could I do but plug it on in 


I pulled out a steak, rolled in seasoning just right

Sprayed some oil on the grill excited for a righteous bite

It was done in 3 minutes all bloody and rare

Just how I like it I gave it a rare stare


I gave thanks for its life with a short little prayer

Put the succulent piece in my mouth with fair care

Better than expected that George Forman’s grill 

Cooked my steak perfect I’m a little bit thrilled with the grill


I’m not much for the boxing of George in the ring

And I can tell you this for sure his grill makes me sing

It can’t take the place of the good ol’ outdoor fire

It sure beats the broiler it’s clever and inspired


Thanks George.










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One response to “THE GEORGE FORMAN

  1. I, too, prefer the outdoor grilling–I’m a Weber kinda guy–but when the weather isn’t cooperating and ya got to have steak, George done good! Enjoyed your poem!


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