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As you stand at the Open portal of your life, What do you see?

How is your perspective on life only a little piece of the whole truth?

How will you nurture your creativity today?

 The WR is quiet and cold.  I have a cold and would like a quiet day.  Work calls, coiffing must be done and the possibility of bringing in another hairdresser after my other possibility went away, is on the horizon.  May the sun beam down on me today if it indeed he shows his shiny face through the clouds.  t


~~~   “`   ~~~   333   ~~~   “`   ~~~


It’s all over his brain like buckshot spatter

He didn’t know.  He didn’t know

It traveled lightening fast from that spot

That spot on his lung That spot on his lung

That didn’t seem to be much of anything

Nothing at all A little quick surgery

To that nothing at all that is all over his brain

Now.  Spattered like buckshot all over his brain 


Our blood mingles familiarly sibling style

I don’t know him.  I hardly know him at all

The same roof did not bring us close not close

At all in the growing up in the together

I don’t know him much and now his brain

His brain is melting in the spatter of it

Only the cancer knows now how it hungers

Hungers to take another life his life my brother


Childhood roars up it’s historic dragon head

Belches the fire of way back then, way back then

When living hurt and laughed and tosses you 

Tosses you rag doll style into the mouth of the dragon

Brother and sister separate together under the same roof

The same roof with the dragon and the clown and the

not knowing each other and the never really will

The never really will brings you together when the reaper calls.


He didn’t know and now he does. now he does

I didn’t know and now I do.




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5 responses to “NOW I KNOW

  1. Judy Fry

    Oh, my, Jeanne-
    the clarity of your writing this morning shows the pain- so sorry for what you are experiencing.
    Thank you for your ever-sharing.
    Judy Fry


  2. very powerful writing.

    Did you attend poets rally, if you are not in yet, welcome submitting a poem of your choice.

    love your blog, outstanding talent.


  3. Thinking of you as you grapple with the knowing, and as this journey unfolds.


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