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What keeps you from exploring and experiencing your ‘art-full’ nature?

In this season of family, friends and giving what do you need to give to yourself?

When you feel ‘stuck’ and caught in a rut, what do you do?


Ga’morning.  It’s all fresh white surrounding me out there on this December day.  Heavy wet white clings to naked branch, clings to anything it can.  A taunting squirrel, (don’t they hide away in the winter) sits inches from the window that my cat with his flat ears and chatter would like to toss into the air and nibble on.  His want is great right now.  Me… my weather inside is quiet, unadorned yet with the day’s needs and wants.  Soon that will change.


~~~~~     55555    ~~~~~


Enter the stillness quiet fed space

No place for the rumble of daily do’s

Where chatter upon chatter chases away silence

No balance in that busy overwhelm till you call it back


To you for the quietude that gives rest 

Best place to find yourself in the daily storm

There’s pleasures found in the thunder and lightening

Brightening the dull waste of lonely empty’s fear of quiet


That will seek you in the always

Many ways will it call you to it’s deep

Inviting the surface chatter fear to find a calm

A balm of peace amidst the rumble of daily do’s that don’t


Give the soul-full yearn to quiet love

All of what you need has never left you 

In the silence all is as all has always been  

When you believe you will see.





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