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numbers, tarot, and questions after the poem… new format


We inhale air of each other 

It’s everywhere fills us up

Your breath knows me as I you


Our passing exhale gives life

To your inhale un-knowning

The event of living knows


Paying attention connects 

Life force is a global share

Your air is mine for seconds


To live we give it back again

Again and again breathing

I am recycled with you


Change floats on shifting breezes

There is no holding your breath

That comes soon enough with death



10 dec 2011   >    6/15  >  Lovers/Devil


What does it mean for you to be ‘better for having loved’?

What holds you to relationships that are needed and unhealthy?

How will you love yourself today?


  Such a teaser that Sun.  Step out in it today and feel your nose hair go brittle on an inhale.  Me… I’m sneezey and snotty and not very attractive today. 





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