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Hesitancy lives in the complicated

Not that it’s the only loneliness

Not that it’s the only smear 

on the pages of a day in the life


A flat out ‘No’ says it all to the point

Hesitance lingers in the air hopeful

In that space between words and silence 

of the “yes’ that tugs at the heart


Then the “I’m not sure’ rolls off the tongue

Hesitant to give it straight from the hip

Point blank range holds the pause in the eyes

The ear catches the glitch on the phone


A pause holds a million stories of the why

They rush to your skin’s surface trampling

The prickle of a hesitant wait hungers for completion

It’s a lonely place waiting in that kind of complicated


~~~~~~~       7777777       ~~~~~~~


11 dec 2011   >  7/16   >   Charioteer/Tower


What does your ‘hero’ have to say to you this morning?

Do you need to get back to basics for awhile?

What did you ‘build’ that needs to be changed?


Slept like a baby last night.  Love the cold pills.  aaaah… My weather on my insides is pensive, thoughtful.  OUtside it’s  sunny and really cold.  






love of my pets

my cutest house ever

feeling better

family connections

breathing into some self love









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