You can’t turn darkness on 

There isn’t a switch.  At least

Not one I’ve ever known of.

Not one in the literal sense

Not one that isn’t related to 



There’s a switch for light.

On or off.  Off or on. Simple

Dim, spot, flicker,twinkle, 

Flame, sparkle, beam, pulse

There are many ways it shines

When you flip the switch


Darkness holds mystery 

Can’t see in it must mean bad

Scary, evil, hidden, sorcery, 

Get the light on so it dissolves it

Get the Light on so we can See.

Get that light on.


Cause being in the dark is

A place of fear when we’re awake

When we’re awake we don’t want

The darkness to get in our Way.

Our Way needs light.

The Way needs light 

Light is the Way.


Is light the way when you close

your eyes to sleep

in the dark

in the dark

of the night

eyes closed

closed eyes sleeping

in the dark

you give yourself 


Light is the way to Awakening.

~~~~~~~~        88888888        ~~~~~~~~


12  dec  2011     >  8/17   >   Adjustment/balance/STAR


How will you sustain equilibrium today?

When you feel centered and balanced, how might you define that?  What does it ‘look’ like?

In an Infinite Universe how does the Star you are, shine his/her light?


Sippy the coffee.  I think I’m sluggin down’ the coffee this a.m.  Haaaa.    Nine more days till Solstice and the light begins to return.  And whose counting?   What’s the weather report on your internal systems?  Do you feel the seasons living within you and the shifts and changes that unfold within them?  ARE YOU READY FOR THE LIGHT TO RETURN?









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