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Joanie had the ‘urge to go’

A calling maybe, a distant

Voice, a murmur within

A tug, a yearning, a want

a desire, a hankering.

 It didn’t have a destination

In the out there somewhere

In the beyond over there

It slipped into the restless

It shimmered beyond the gate

It was coral sunsets  and

cloudy days of too much thinking

It quivered in her lonely vessel

It was the single pea under her mattress

It was the match lit under her eye lids

It was a hunger for, a lusting after

finding herself in an urge


Her reflection caught in his eyes

The guitar played them a love song

Her urge found itself in him

He was the beyond the gate

He was the sunset’s coral calling

He was the fire of her eyes

He filled her lonely vessel’s want

rolling on the mountain of mattress

with the hungry urge of his being


He had an ‘urge to go’

A calling maybe, a distant voice,

a murmur,  a tug, a want, a yearning

He had an urge and he had to go.

There was no holding him

Sunsets come and go

Beyond the gate is vast

Flames flicker and fade

His vessels was full and pouring

She had to let him go.



13 dec  2011    >     9/18     >   hermit/moon


Take a quiet moment and ask yourself…What wisdom do I need today?  Listen

Then…. as that answer comes to your surface Can you honor the truth of that inner wisdom?

Do you listen to yourself?


Sometimes it seems the weather doesn’t change much.  It stays sunny for awhile, and then it gets grey and grim for another while.  Maybe it rains, or snows, or a crazy wind shakes the be-jesus outta the house for a bit.  The weather knows nuance. I think when the weather is in it’s nuance moments that it doesn’t feel like it changes much.  Only, maybe, in those moments when not so much feels like it’s happening, is when you get to feel a certain steady alignment with life.  Moments of peace, a time for reflection.  And then there is always that weather ‘outside’ that appears sunny and bright and your insides are all grey and grim.  How about those days?  How do you get sunny on the inside?









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