There is no lonely 

The empty void knows darkness

To know that there’s light


The absence of love

I will not imagine that

Impossible death


Stray not far from self

You are your own becoming

kneel to kiss the ground

            ~~~~~~~~~~  1  ~~~~~~~~~~

14 dec 2011    >  19/10/1    >  Sun/Wheel of Fortune/Magician


Can you close your eyes and imagine an incredibly perfect Sunny day and let that fill you up?

What does it mean/feel to stand in the center of your life?

Do you doubt the impossible?


I didn’t expect that I’d get caught in being a weather reporter here.   Tho’ the weather of nature  is the perfect metaphor.  Sunny outside, feeling all grey inside.  or the other way around.  There isn’t an act of nature or the elements that I can’t related to some sort of emotional, inner experience.  So,  when I speak to life as a metaphor, that pretty much sums it up for me;  an an allegory, a symbol, a comparison.  We are inter/inner connected to the world around us and with each other and with ourselves.  IMO.  No separation. 


Metaphor….    4+5+2+1+7+8+6+9  =  4+2  =  6 =  LOVERS…

    Metaphor is all about relationships. Finding out about yourself via knowing others; by knowing the world around and within you.  Who are you anyway?






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