**********  BE HAPPY  ***********

Happy is in every moment

It shares that space with sad

glad, bad, mad. 

All of the how you could, 

might, possibly, maybe, perhaps, 

likely feel.

Happy is never out of your reach

Feelings are never far 

in the here and now 

Provoke, inspired, pushed,

denied, hoping, waiting, wanting

sudden, slow, passive, passionate.

All right there ready for you

Ready for the having


Choices lives in the happy/sad

continuum.  Chemistry inter-fears

Chases some of the goodness

maybe all of the happy away

and still.. 

living in the ball of feelings

clustered within and around

is every feeling that ever was


For you to choose.

the giggling baby

the wagging puppy

the face of love

a heart of grief

the bloom of summer

the harvest of fall

the pain of loss

the pleasure of silence

You have it all.

You choose.



15  dec  2011     >   11/20/2   >   Strength/lust/Judgement/Aeon/Priestess


When you feel ‘dull’ how do you polish yourself up?

Do you lay ‘blame’ on others for how your life unfolds?  

How do you take responsibility for your behaviour and your way of acting?

 Sippy the Coffee.  A icky, drippy, soggy, endless rain out there.  Sleepinterruptus went on for hours with a shivering, quivering dog pressed into my neck.  My internal weather report, tho’ not dull, is slow to move.. headachey and whiney. And, I smell bacon and there is no bacon cooking in my house.  Anyone have a good answer for that one?  I need a BLT.  Alrighty then.




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One response to “HAPPY

  1. love the title, stay happy, wanting to be happy is everyone’s basic right,
    love to see your work, keep it up.

    submit to poets rally if you can today, smiles.


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