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There was this gal who traveled the Universe

She was gifted with words and clever verse

Then suddenly one day her words went astray

This gal said you’re fucked be you cursed


There was this guy who fancied himself clever

Some said he was more often then never

Really quite boring, objectively abhorring

Mister clever, was never seen again


There was this fellow who challenged being Happy

Deep inside he hid is sweet and his sappy

Then one day it did come he pulled out of his glum

Got ‘Ha Ha’ tattooed on his forehead


Some say she was a rebel of sorts

She spoke up, got sassy, gave her retort

Who knows what did happen, she gave him a slappin

When he shut her up, lock her lips with a snort


Thank God it is Friday she said

Cause the rest of the week I did dread

Friday is the day that is worthy of play

Out of the bed at last she did fled

16 dec. 2011      >   3/12/21     >    Empress/handedone/Universe


How does the creative force of life flow through you?

If it’s not flowing, how might you light a little fire under yourself and melt the sludge?

Could you look at life a little differently today?


What is the ‘weather’ like inside you today?  And … What would you do to enhance it or change it?

My best journey to my inner weather report for today is…. Sippy the caffeine and imagine the Sun pouring down and through me.  Flush out all the chill and frozen bits that need defrosting.



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