Be ready

Be ready just because

Be ready just because you never

Be ready just because you never know

You never know when


When what

  When who

      When where

         When how

Your need to be ready is for


Ready is relative to what the ‘for’ might be

Or maybe it isn’t if the be-ready is 

a Consciousness thing

Requires no special attire

Requires no special situation

Requires no when at all.

Which might mean just be

ready without the ‘because’

or the ‘you never know when’ clause

Or, don’t be ready at all and

see what happens.


Are you Ready?

~~~~    4444    ~~~~

17 dec 2011      >   4./13/0      Emperor/Death/Fool


Liberation, Order, Transformation…. Fool/Emperor/Death.


What does it mean to you to feel liberated, free?

Can there be order in your freedom?

How does transformation, the end that leads to a new beginning, free you?


Yawn…. reach for the coffee.  give it a sippy.  It was girls night poker here.  Silly good fun.  Company was great and my Chili… Big Yum.  Barb’s cornbread.. oh ya… My head is a little swoony.  Tequila.  That would be my inner weather report for this a.m.  Outside, here in Ann Arbor, pale grey and chilly, not the kind ya wanna eat.  Yawn, n’ sippy.


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