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The Kraken came

Visited me in my REM’s

White sheets were oceans

Pillows mountains of rugged green

He came and swallowed my sleep


It wasn’t like he meant to be there

trapped miles below on the sea floor

It wasn’t like he thought centuries of

hidden would be found


Found he was but an old ancient cannon

miles and miles down in the deep dark 

Just a cannon that opened it eyes to me

I swam in his Impossible green 

Locked into the rust of his awakening myth.


The Kraken swallowed me in my sleep

We awakened to want and desire

I turned and ran. I ran down the mountain side

A monster myth rising from metal and rust

As large as the Seven Seas


His mouth an entire oceans roar

That poured over the rugged green 

A tidal wave of destruction headed for me

There was no more running

There was no where to go


I turned and gave myself to him

Held his green eyes for my drowning

To swim eternally in his Seven Seas 

When in my final moment my body

Birthed wings and I flew to the heavens


~~~~~    55555     ~~~~~


18 dec  2011     >   5/16  >   Hierophant/Tower


Could you not carry your cell phone around with you for a day?

Could you go to the library and research an issue rather than Google it?

What if… What if … it all crashes and then what would you do?





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