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Darkest day to light 

Yule tide sparkle calls the Sun

Winter whispers yes


Winter Solstice calls

Sun knows the gift of radiance

Awaken the days



21 dec 2011  >  8/17    >   Balance/adjustment/Star


On this darkest, shortest, last day of fall ….

How do you see/feel/imagine your connection to whatever Divine means to you?

Who/What needs you to give a little more of your light?

How do you reach for the stars?


Today is the shortest and darkest day of the year.  A few hours of light on the last day of fall.  Autumn gives herself to winter tomorrow morning and the light returns.  It is Yule, a time to celebrate the days becoming longer again.  Burn the yule log to celebrate the Sun’s  return; urge the Sun back.  It’s kinda like the Sun births itself back to us.  Slowly, giving back more light to each day.  

Winter Solstice is a sacred day for me.  The Earth makes this cycle every year, light to dark, dark to light.  It’s what it does.  I am reminded of my own light, my own sense of darkness and short days.  My patterns and cycles.  The importance of knowing quiet, inner time that let’s me rest and slow down in the darkness.  I am also reminded of the celebration of feeling LIght, being Light, shining Light when darkness consumes.  I consider some questions this time of year:  How do I wish to let my light shine into the corners of darkness?  What do I wish to nurture, shine a light on, in the coming days to bring my own ‘Spring greening’?  Can I just let my little light shine a little bit more each day?  How will I ‘birth’ my own love and compassion daily?  What rises up with in me that needs more light so it can be seen?  Lots of questions.  I ponder them and let them have there time to be with me with no hurry to the answers.  Sometime Light needs time.











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