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Today is Winter Solstice.  The shortest day, the longest night.  Tomorrow the light returns.  The Sun is called back to light the days.  

How will you light your days and give rest to your nights?

What Wisdom is calling to you for you to listen more deeply?

What does it mean for you to feel the fire in your soul?


One of the things I noticed about the numbers of today.  All 2’s and 1’s., that all add up to 2.  The number of the Priestess, the number of exchange.  When one is no longer enough and needs other to share life with, to counsel with, to find a deeper meaning to knowing relationship with other and self.  Today is an opportunity to trust your intuition, to understand your accountability in the world you share with others, and to know that you are not ever alone.  That you are a Light unto yourself, ever  shining, returning to your Source, be that God, Goddess, Oneness, Source, Spirit, you are of that Infinite Light that calls you forth to be your best self, your highest self, Love Divine. 

That is this Winter Solstice.  The shortest day exchanges it’s self with each one of us.  Inviting you to consider this cycle of darkness to light, to darkness, to light.  And… that they light knows darkness intimately, as does darkness know light.


Winter mystery

Crystalline snowflake falling

Singular Oneness


Pattern gives meaning

Stories in Seasons do tell

Know your Winter tale


You have always known

Forgotten is  illusion

Now is all there is




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