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I invite you to give yourself a quiet moment.  Imagine a circle around you.  You sit in the center of this circle th’s work, or family, or your passion or fun.   Maybe it’s Earth, Fire, Air, Water.  Whatever comes quickly to your mind that you can imagine/see/feel.

What are these four elements of your life?

Do they feed you life, your soul, your heart’s desire?

How would you change them, rearrange them, expand on them?


Rotating light catches one little mirrored ball

among all the ornaments that hang

on the little feathered tree in my window

A point of light that is so sharp, so exact

It spears my eyes with brilliance

pulls me into the spark of it.

Demands my attention


I move my head. Not to avoid it

but to feel it’s presence cast a point

of radiance deeper into me

Wondering why of all these days

this first day after Solstice where 

I have sat exactly here writing every day

that today, this day with one minute 

more of Sun It choose now


It is the perfect now as there is no other

As is my custom to give to imagining

give to the messages held in the nature 

of things poignantly presented

I listen for the quiet gift held

in that one little mirrored ball that 

beams it’s blinding sparkle to me


“You are light everlasting. Shine on”









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