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tis the day before…

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Do you need to re-organize?

Why do you hold on to something that needs to go?

What fills you will abandoning joy?


“Tis the night before Christmas

and all the through the house…”


Tis the morning before Christmas

I’m feeling quite swell. Laying in bed 

Not getting up till I’m compelled

To finish this poem with a tap tap tap tap

lay these word here from what sits in my lap


I’m not seeing stockings hung up by the fire

but than maybe Santa has plans to conspire

to wait till midnight when we’re all tucked in bed

That mysterious Saint Nick all dress in red


Of course he can’t slide down the chimney with care

We all know that Santa does not do and dare

Which does not mean Saint Nick will pass us by

With mommies and Daddies being his spy


The thing about Santa you know this is true

Is that the charm of his myth is that you believe too

It’s really quite simple it’s really just grand

To give yourself to the joy of his make believe land


With little elf’s making all the toys for the kids

Mrs. Clause busy with cookies and sweet breads

Way up in the North Pole where all the wishes go

Where magic never has a word for no


All the presents are wrapped beneath the sparkling tree

So much to celebrate my family and me

Reminded of the promise that we gather in Love

We’re all of great goodness and stuff to write of


Tis the morning before Christmas

I can hear far away the jingle of sleigh bells

and the reindeer’s musical neigh

I know Santa’s coming I know he is near

Bringing the Joy of the coming new year


Whether you believe in Santa and his little elves

It makes not a difference to this tale I tell

If everyday was Christmas with tidings of great joy

If we could believe in the magic and share our toys


The World would be nicer a much kinder place

If you celebrated each day with laughter and grace

It’s really quite simple, it’s really your choice

Be Santa’s helper and rejoice and rejoice









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