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The world is full of make believe

Santa is the least of our betrayals

There is charm to that myth

There is pleasure in the story

That invites the wonder of magic


That puts the spell of possibilities

That dances sugar plum fairies

and a fat man in red that slides

Down a chimney leaving  you

a gift under a glittering tree. 


We give ourselves to the make believe

Letting the glitter of hope and joy

Fill our moments for a little while

Fill our moments with wonder

Full of fiction, staged and performed


The world is full of make believe

We hunger for the hope and joy

In the out there somewhere riding on

A sleigh of reindeer and a HO Ho Ho.

We choose this myth lavishly


Or find another story to take its place

Our lust for sharing and giving

celebrating family and friends 

For finding ways to not be alone

To suspend what is for what isn’t


Oh how we hunger for goodness

And the well being of joy and the jolly

Oh how we make believe so well

Under the christmas tree and lights

“Santa’s back in town”.


What if Santa never left town?

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 27 dec  2011   >7/16  >     Chariot/Tower


If you could ‘save the world’  what would you do?

Can you direct your focus back to what needs your attention?

What gives you security and peace?


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