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The meadow is snow laden

a circle that glistens in the noon sun

sparks of light dance on my eyes

A fireworks of white meadow

hidden deep in the forest’s silhouette  


Seasons call me to this place

where silence is never silent

and peace is ever present

Sun finds a place to rest here

with no interruption 


The circle is smooth white

The austerity is clean and bright

Doe eyes turn their heads in unison

I am seen in the quietude

before tracks have laid a path


I want to be first, first to lay

my angel form in the white sparkle

There is no race and race I do

to the center, to the center standing

alone with the forest and the deer


I raise my hands to the heavens in salutation

a soft spray of glisten swirls up my legs

The rush of winter chill caresses my face

I lay my body down in the cold white flock

I see my breath a cloud of whisper


My wings  pull up from my sides 

My legs spread wide in similar motion

Again and again I press my form

Lay my angel self to this white meadow

Imagine the heavens split wide in sacred song


I let the full cold of winter fill me

The whisper cloud of breath surround me

I am celestial, a being of heaven on earth

A meadow to the busy of the world around me

A quiet bed of snow to lay my angel down.


28 DEC 2011   >   8/17   >  Adjustment/balance/The Star


How will you imagine heaven on earth?

What is it to feel balance and centeredness?

How will you shine in the night sky?









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