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Sippy the coffee… gather alllll the ‘stuff’ , Pack it in the car, plop the dog in the backseat, GEEZER ROAD TRIP.  New years in Hale, MI.  HALE YES!  Family fun.  Yippeee.  No snow.  We like snow in my family.  Card games, silliness, cocktails, good eats.  Lots of goodness.

NO computer access, or very little.  I may not be able to upload my poems on this blog.  I Will be writing everyday, sharing when I can.  





Make it up as you go

Don’t let your mind say no

Sit with it and see

What is it that calls to thee?


There is no right or wrong

When you give yourself to the song

That plays around in your head

Like a dream in the pillow on your bed


It might be the very calling

That fulfills a deep felt longing

You’ve hungered for to say

Put it off each and every day


Make it up as you go along

Do it when you hear that song

You’ve hungered for to sing

Give yourself to the beat and the swing


It won’t just go away

Even if you put it off another day

It lingers deep inside

Don’t think that you can hide


From the self you long to be

Nibbles at what will set you free

Isn’t it about that time

When you will join me in this rhyme


Release your inhibitions 

Create a new tradition

Give voice to what you love

It isn’t over there or above


It’s settled in your bones

It will not leave you alone

Till you do it…

~~~~~~~~~         9         ~~~~~~~~~

            TAROT / NUMBER TALK

29 dec 2011   >  9/18   >   Hermit/Moon


What if you moved through this day with your heart as your lead?

What have you let ‘slide’ away that calls to you to make completion with?

Can you dance beneath the light of the Moon?


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