30 dec 2011    >   1/10/19   > Magician/Wheel of Fortune/Sun


As the year comes to a close, What ‘magical tool’ would you like to implement in the coming year?

The ‘wheel’ turns for another year; Do you stand in the center of your life?

What does the center of your life look/feel/sound/taste like?

How do you imagine your life to be?


The line grew at the grocery

Waiting for poverty to pay

for milk, and taco shells

Flakes of filth powdered the air

We all inhaled him in his struggle


Impatient to not be his witness

Our hunger couldn’t match his

I felt his humiliation rise to indifference

Past the point of caring if we knew

If we knew of his nothing in our everything


And the line grew while the cashier

held her patience in kindness

To his hard times and empty pockets

Jobless calloused hands searching

in the lonely winter nothing


Twenty dollars to feed a moment

Twenty dollars to get the line moving

Twenty dollars to assuage my heart ache

Twenty dollars  for tacos for his visiting son

He tells me in his thank you





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