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What needs to dis-solve so you can re-solve?

What inner wisdom calls you to notice what you need to be accountable for?

How can you counsel yourself?


The last day of 2011.  A call to a new year has been given.  Much ‘ado’ has been tossed into the stories of possibilities of what this year, 2012, will be or not be.  What I know for me, regardless of the stirring of myths in the cauldron of life, is that the best of me is served in good attitude and living in gratitude.  What is coming or what has been holds the moment, the now, captive in an illusion of make-believe that holds little truth for me.

What has gone to yesterday is finished.  What will be tomorrow, is unknown.  Sitting here writing, listen to the back ground of my family, chatting and laughing is all there is to my breathing and heart beat.  The moment is lovely.


Also, in my now, I’m gonna jump to a ‘game’ that the kids have got that’s called “Bucky balls”. Yep that’s what they’re called.  Little magnetic balls, the size of bee-bee pellets, that you can build with.  The new legos.  Go Google them.  I want some so I can nurture my need to have busy fingers.  

The Bucky Ball Rapsody


Bucky Balls be where it’s at

I gonna have to rap about that


Ya wanna take their goodness

Ya wanna take a ride

Ya wanna take those pellets

and go Bucky Ball wild


Magnetic little bee-bees little coloured trips

Take those damn bucky’s 

make a Bucky Ball whip

Don’t think those sticky bucky’s 

got a hold on you?

You be lying when you’re trying

to lose the Bucky Ball moves


Bucky Balls be special

Bucky balls be real 

Damn those little Buckys

I’z got the Bucky ball feel

Addictive little bee-bees

magnetic little shits

I can’t help myself in making

a ship to take a trip


You’re gonna need a million  

a gagillion might be fine

to build a Bucky  ship

n’ sail this little rhyme

Across the big blue oceans

Around the world you float

I’m telling you my people

Bucky Balls ain’t no silly joke


They’re the latest fever

They’re the latest want

Get yerself some Bucky

take the Bucky Ball jaunt






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2 responses to “BUCKY BALL RAP-SODY

  1. The past and the future are all a part of the universal weave of now. Time is basically a planetary illusion, and the past-present-future are one and the same, all a part of reality for one who exists in a timeless state…It’s all in the mind and in the heart. It is for each individual to sort out his or her own fallacies or “myths” with what is real. You can be here, there and anywhere at once…each new moment–new heartbeat–being the key to it all…God bless, and a very blessed New Year to you and yours.


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