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Darkest day to light 

Yule tide sparkle calls the Sun

Winter whispers yes


Winter Solstice calls

Sun knows the gift of radiance

Awaken the days



21 dec 2011  >  8/17    >   Balance/adjustment/Star


On this darkest, shortest, last day of fall ….

How do you see/feel/imagine your connection to whatever Divine means to you?

Who/What needs you to give a little more of your light?

How do you reach for the stars?


Today is the shortest and darkest day of the year.  A few hours of light on the last day of fall.  Autumn gives herself to winter tomorrow morning and the light returns.  It is Yule, a time to celebrate the days becoming longer again.  Burn the yule log to celebrate the Sun’s  return; urge the Sun back.  It’s kinda like the Sun births itself back to us.  Slowly, giving back more light to each day.  

Winter Solstice is a sacred day for me.  The Earth makes this cycle every year, light to dark, dark to light.  It’s what it does.  I am reminded of my own light, my own sense of darkness and short days.  My patterns and cycles.  The importance of knowing quiet, inner time that let’s me rest and slow down in the darkness.  I am also reminded of the celebration of feeling LIght, being Light, shining Light when darkness consumes.  I consider some questions this time of year:  How do I wish to let my light shine into the corners of darkness?  What do I wish to nurture, shine a light on, in the coming days to bring my own ‘Spring greening’?  Can I just let my little light shine a little bit more each day?  How will I ‘birth’ my own love and compassion daily?  What rises up with in me that needs more light so it can be seen?  Lots of questions.  I ponder them and let them have there time to be with me with no hurry to the answers.  Sometime Light needs time.











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Short are the dark days

Light keeps her promise return

Winter has arrived


Soul-tis of the light

Gives winter rest to ponder

Till Spring finds her green

~~~~~~~       7777777       ~~~~~~~


20 dec 2011   >  7/16  >   Charioteer/Tower


How do you stay focused and grounded?

What have you a passion for that you keep putting off?

What step can you take to shine the light on your passion?


My eyes opened waaaay too early this morning.  I’m thinking of writing and taking a nap.  HAAA.. like that will happen? Right?   

Tomorrow will be the ‘darkest’ / shortest day of the year.  Winter Solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere, will occur early morning on the 22cd.  For me it is a time of reflection on the year gone by, and a time to ponder what I will bring into the coming days of the light returning.  Where do I wish to shine my light?  How in these coming winter days of quiet and cold will I bring the light of me up and out?  What might I focus on, give my light to, in the coming days?  Questions to sit with and allow my inner wisdom to find the answers, the flow, the possibilities.

Where in your life needs more ‘light’?  How will you let yourself shine?








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I’m a slacker with the weather report.  I can tell you, that it is grey out there trying to unwrap the sun in that  Michigan kinda way and I’m Not grey inside.  How ‘bout you?

Oh.. and it is almost Solstice.  So close to the darkest day that turns it head to the Light for its return.  That makes me happy.  How will you celebrate the return of The Light?


Tis’ the Season

Call all your friends

Invite the whole family

Imagine the whole planet

without need, or want

without pain and suffering

without fear and grief

Imagine it so, 

Imagine it first in you


Turn the Lights on 

So we can feel you


Lay the table with heart

Make Love your centerpiece

Spike the wine with hope

Raise your cup to kindness

Celebrate forgiveness

Pass around the Peace 

of all you wish to be

See the Divine in each other


Turn the Lights on 

So we can feel you 


Make room at the table

For those that fear and want

For those that harbor hate

For those that forgiveness needs

For those that have lost their way

Share your Light, the food of your soul

Make room for the whole family

Life is a round table of connection


Be sure to turn the Lights

Tis’ the Season.

~~~~~~      666666      ~~~~~~



19 dec 2011   > 6/15  >  Lovers/Devil


How wide is your heart open for love?

What space to give for love to find you and expand with you?

What gets in your way of living and loving fully?








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The Kraken came

Visited me in my REM’s

White sheets were oceans

Pillows mountains of rugged green

He came and swallowed my sleep


It wasn’t like he meant to be there

trapped miles below on the sea floor

It wasn’t like he thought centuries of

hidden would be found


Found he was but an old ancient cannon

miles and miles down in the deep dark 

Just a cannon that opened it eyes to me

I swam in his Impossible green 

Locked into the rust of his awakening myth.


The Kraken swallowed me in my sleep

We awakened to want and desire

I turned and ran. I ran down the mountain side

A monster myth rising from metal and rust

As large as the Seven Seas


His mouth an entire oceans roar

That poured over the rugged green 

A tidal wave of destruction headed for me

There was no more running

There was no where to go


I turned and gave myself to him

Held his green eyes for my drowning

To swim eternally in his Seven Seas 

When in my final moment my body

Birthed wings and I flew to the heavens


~~~~~    55555     ~~~~~


18 dec  2011     >   5/16  >   Hierophant/Tower


Could you not carry your cell phone around with you for a day?

Could you go to the library and research an issue rather than Google it?

What if… What if … it all crashes and then what would you do?





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Be ready

Be ready just because

Be ready just because you never

Be ready just because you never know

You never know when


When what

  When who

      When where

         When how

Your need to be ready is for


Ready is relative to what the ‘for’ might be

Or maybe it isn’t if the be-ready is 

a Consciousness thing

Requires no special attire

Requires no special situation

Requires no when at all.

Which might mean just be

ready without the ‘because’

or the ‘you never know when’ clause

Or, don’t be ready at all and

see what happens.


Are you Ready?

~~~~    4444    ~~~~

17 dec 2011      >   4./13/0      Emperor/Death/Fool


Liberation, Order, Transformation…. Fool/Emperor/Death.


What does it mean to you to feel liberated, free?

Can there be order in your freedom?

How does transformation, the end that leads to a new beginning, free you?


Yawn…. reach for the coffee.  give it a sippy.  It was girls night poker here.  Silly good fun.  Company was great and my Chili… Big Yum.  Barb’s cornbread.. oh ya… My head is a little swoony.  Tequila.  That would be my inner weather report for this a.m.  Outside, here in Ann Arbor, pale grey and chilly, not the kind ya wanna eat.  Yawn, n’ sippy.


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There was this gal who traveled the Universe

She was gifted with words and clever verse

Then suddenly one day her words went astray

This gal said you’re fucked be you cursed


There was this guy who fancied himself clever

Some said he was more often then never

Really quite boring, objectively abhorring

Mister clever, was never seen again


There was this fellow who challenged being Happy

Deep inside he hid is sweet and his sappy

Then one day it did come he pulled out of his glum

Got ‘Ha Ha’ tattooed on his forehead


Some say she was a rebel of sorts

She spoke up, got sassy, gave her retort

Who knows what did happen, she gave him a slappin

When he shut her up, lock her lips with a snort


Thank God it is Friday she said

Cause the rest of the week I did dread

Friday is the day that is worthy of play

Out of the bed at last she did fled

16 dec. 2011      >   3/12/21     >    Empress/handedone/Universe


How does the creative force of life flow through you?

If it’s not flowing, how might you light a little fire under yourself and melt the sludge?

Could you look at life a little differently today?


What is the ‘weather’ like inside you today?  And … What would you do to enhance it or change it?

My best journey to my inner weather report for today is…. Sippy the caffeine and imagine the Sun pouring down and through me.  Flush out all the chill and frozen bits that need defrosting.



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**********  BE HAPPY  ***********

Happy is in every moment

It shares that space with sad

glad, bad, mad. 

All of the how you could, 

might, possibly, maybe, perhaps, 

likely feel.

Happy is never out of your reach

Feelings are never far 

in the here and now 

Provoke, inspired, pushed,

denied, hoping, waiting, wanting

sudden, slow, passive, passionate.

All right there ready for you

Ready for the having


Choices lives in the happy/sad

continuum.  Chemistry inter-fears

Chases some of the goodness

maybe all of the happy away

and still.. 

living in the ball of feelings

clustered within and around

is every feeling that ever was


For you to choose.

the giggling baby

the wagging puppy

the face of love

a heart of grief

the bloom of summer

the harvest of fall

the pain of loss

the pleasure of silence

You have it all.

You choose.



15  dec  2011     >   11/20/2   >   Strength/lust/Judgement/Aeon/Priestess


When you feel ‘dull’ how do you polish yourself up?

Do you lay ‘blame’ on others for how your life unfolds?  

How do you take responsibility for your behaviour and your way of acting?

 Sippy the Coffee.  A icky, drippy, soggy, endless rain out there.  Sleepinterruptus went on for hours with a shivering, quivering dog pressed into my neck.  My internal weather report, tho’ not dull, is slow to move.. headachey and whiney. And, I smell bacon and there is no bacon cooking in my house.  Anyone have a good answer for that one?  I need a BLT.  Alrighty then.




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There is no lonely 

The empty void knows darkness

To know that there’s light


The absence of love

I will not imagine that

Impossible death


Stray not far from self

You are your own becoming

kneel to kiss the ground

            ~~~~~~~~~~  1  ~~~~~~~~~~

14 dec 2011    >  19/10/1    >  Sun/Wheel of Fortune/Magician


Can you close your eyes and imagine an incredibly perfect Sunny day and let that fill you up?

What does it mean/feel to stand in the center of your life?

Do you doubt the impossible?


I didn’t expect that I’d get caught in being a weather reporter here.   Tho’ the weather of nature  is the perfect metaphor.  Sunny outside, feeling all grey inside.  or the other way around.  There isn’t an act of nature or the elements that I can’t related to some sort of emotional, inner experience.  So,  when I speak to life as a metaphor, that pretty much sums it up for me;  an an allegory, a symbol, a comparison.  We are inter/inner connected to the world around us and with each other and with ourselves.  IMO.  No separation. 


Metaphor….    4+5+2+1+7+8+6+9  =  4+2  =  6 =  LOVERS…

    Metaphor is all about relationships. Finding out about yourself via knowing others; by knowing the world around and within you.  Who are you anyway?






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Joanie had the ‘urge to go’

A calling maybe, a distant

Voice, a murmur within

A tug, a yearning, a want

a desire, a hankering.

 It didn’t have a destination

In the out there somewhere

In the beyond over there

It slipped into the restless

It shimmered beyond the gate

It was coral sunsets  and

cloudy days of too much thinking

It quivered in her lonely vessel

It was the single pea under her mattress

It was the match lit under her eye lids

It was a hunger for, a lusting after

finding herself in an urge


Her reflection caught in his eyes

The guitar played them a love song

Her urge found itself in him

He was the beyond the gate

He was the sunset’s coral calling

He was the fire of her eyes

He filled her lonely vessel’s want

rolling on the mountain of mattress

with the hungry urge of his being


He had an ‘urge to go’

A calling maybe, a distant voice,

a murmur,  a tug, a want, a yearning

He had an urge and he had to go.

There was no holding him

Sunsets come and go

Beyond the gate is vast

Flames flicker and fade

His vessels was full and pouring

She had to let him go.



13 dec  2011    >     9/18     >   hermit/moon


Take a quiet moment and ask yourself…What wisdom do I need today?  Listen

Then…. as that answer comes to your surface Can you honor the truth of that inner wisdom?

Do you listen to yourself?


Sometimes it seems the weather doesn’t change much.  It stays sunny for awhile, and then it gets grey and grim for another while.  Maybe it rains, or snows, or a crazy wind shakes the be-jesus outta the house for a bit.  The weather knows nuance. I think when the weather is in it’s nuance moments that it doesn’t feel like it changes much.  Only, maybe, in those moments when not so much feels like it’s happening, is when you get to feel a certain steady alignment with life.  Moments of peace, a time for reflection.  And then there is always that weather ‘outside’ that appears sunny and bright and your insides are all grey and grim.  How about those days?  How do you get sunny on the inside?









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You can’t turn darkness on 

There isn’t a switch.  At least

Not one I’ve ever known of.

Not one in the literal sense

Not one that isn’t related to 



There’s a switch for light.

On or off.  Off or on. Simple

Dim, spot, flicker,twinkle, 

Flame, sparkle, beam, pulse

There are many ways it shines

When you flip the switch


Darkness holds mystery 

Can’t see in it must mean bad

Scary, evil, hidden, sorcery, 

Get the light on so it dissolves it

Get the Light on so we can See.

Get that light on.


Cause being in the dark is

A place of fear when we’re awake

When we’re awake we don’t want

The darkness to get in our Way.

Our Way needs light.

The Way needs light 

Light is the Way.


Is light the way when you close

your eyes to sleep

in the dark

in the dark

of the night

eyes closed

closed eyes sleeping

in the dark

you give yourself 


Light is the way to Awakening.

~~~~~~~~        88888888        ~~~~~~~~


12  dec  2011     >  8/17   >   Adjustment/balance/STAR


How will you sustain equilibrium today?

When you feel centered and balanced, how might you define that?  What does it ‘look’ like?

In an Infinite Universe how does the Star you are, shine his/her light?


Sippy the coffee.  I think I’m sluggin down’ the coffee this a.m.  Haaaa.    Nine more days till Solstice and the light begins to return.  And whose counting?   What’s the weather report on your internal systems?  Do you feel the seasons living within you and the shifts and changes that unfold within them?  ARE YOU READY FOR THE LIGHT TO RETURN?









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