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tis the day before…

24 dec  2011    >  4/13/0    >  Emperor/Death/Fool


Do you need to re-organize?

Why do you hold on to something that needs to go?

What fills you will abandoning joy?


“Tis the night before Christmas

and all the through the house…”


Tis the morning before Christmas

I’m feeling quite swell. Laying in bed 

Not getting up till I’m compelled

To finish this poem with a tap tap tap tap

lay these word here from what sits in my lap


I’m not seeing stockings hung up by the fire

but than maybe Santa has plans to conspire

to wait till midnight when we’re all tucked in bed

That mysterious Saint Nick all dress in red


Of course he can’t slide down the chimney with care

We all know that Santa does not do and dare

Which does not mean Saint Nick will pass us by

With mommies and Daddies being his spy


The thing about Santa you know this is true

Is that the charm of his myth is that you believe too

It’s really quite simple it’s really just grand

To give yourself to the joy of his make believe land


With little elf’s making all the toys for the kids

Mrs. Clause busy with cookies and sweet breads

Way up in the North Pole where all the wishes go

Where magic never has a word for no


All the presents are wrapped beneath the sparkling tree

So much to celebrate my family and me

Reminded of the promise that we gather in Love

We’re all of great goodness and stuff to write of


Tis the morning before Christmas

I can hear far away the jingle of sleigh bells

and the reindeer’s musical neigh

I know Santa’s coming I know he is near

Bringing the Joy of the coming new year


Whether you believe in Santa and his little elves

It makes not a difference to this tale I tell

If everyday was Christmas with tidings of great joy

If we could believe in the magic and share our toys


The World would be nicer a much kinder place

If you celebrated each day with laughter and grace

It’s really quite simple, it’s really your choice

Be Santa’s helper and rejoice and rejoice









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23 dec 2011  >  3/12/21  >   Empress/HangedOne/Universe


I invite you to give yourself a quiet moment.  Imagine a circle around you.  You sit in the center of this circle th’s work, or family, or your passion or fun.   Maybe it’s Earth, Fire, Air, Water.  Whatever comes quickly to your mind that you can imagine/see/feel.

What are these four elements of your life?

Do they feed you life, your soul, your heart’s desire?

How would you change them, rearrange them, expand on them?


Rotating light catches one little mirrored ball

among all the ornaments that hang

on the little feathered tree in my window

A point of light that is so sharp, so exact

It spears my eyes with brilliance

pulls me into the spark of it.

Demands my attention


I move my head. Not to avoid it

but to feel it’s presence cast a point

of radiance deeper into me

Wondering why of all these days

this first day after Solstice where 

I have sat exactly here writing every day

that today, this day with one minute 

more of Sun It choose now


It is the perfect now as there is no other

As is my custom to give to imagining

give to the messages held in the nature 

of things poignantly presented

I listen for the quiet gift held

in that one little mirrored ball that 

beams it’s blinding sparkle to me


“You are light everlasting. Shine on”









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22 dec 2011   >  2/11/20   >  Priestess/Strength/Lust/Aeon/Judgement


Today is Winter Solstice.  The shortest day, the longest night.  Tomorrow the light returns.  The Sun is called back to light the days.  

How will you light your days and give rest to your nights?

What Wisdom is calling to you for you to listen more deeply?

What does it mean for you to feel the fire in your soul?


One of the things I noticed about the numbers of today.  All 2’s and 1’s., that all add up to 2.  The number of the Priestess, the number of exchange.  When one is no longer enough and needs other to share life with, to counsel with, to find a deeper meaning to knowing relationship with other and self.  Today is an opportunity to trust your intuition, to understand your accountability in the world you share with others, and to know that you are not ever alone.  That you are a Light unto yourself, ever  shining, returning to your Source, be that God, Goddess, Oneness, Source, Spirit, you are of that Infinite Light that calls you forth to be your best self, your highest self, Love Divine. 

That is this Winter Solstice.  The shortest day exchanges it’s self with each one of us.  Inviting you to consider this cycle of darkness to light, to darkness, to light.  And… that they light knows darkness intimately, as does darkness know light.


Winter mystery

Crystalline snowflake falling

Singular Oneness


Pattern gives meaning

Stories in Seasons do tell

Know your Winter tale


You have always known

Forgotten is  illusion

Now is all there is




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Darkest day to light 

Yule tide sparkle calls the Sun

Winter whispers yes


Winter Solstice calls

Sun knows the gift of radiance

Awaken the days



21 dec 2011  >  8/17    >   Balance/adjustment/Star


On this darkest, shortest, last day of fall ….

How do you see/feel/imagine your connection to whatever Divine means to you?

Who/What needs you to give a little more of your light?

How do you reach for the stars?


Today is the shortest and darkest day of the year.  A few hours of light on the last day of fall.  Autumn gives herself to winter tomorrow morning and the light returns.  It is Yule, a time to celebrate the days becoming longer again.  Burn the yule log to celebrate the Sun’s  return; urge the Sun back.  It’s kinda like the Sun births itself back to us.  Slowly, giving back more light to each day.  

Winter Solstice is a sacred day for me.  The Earth makes this cycle every year, light to dark, dark to light.  It’s what it does.  I am reminded of my own light, my own sense of darkness and short days.  My patterns and cycles.  The importance of knowing quiet, inner time that let’s me rest and slow down in the darkness.  I am also reminded of the celebration of feeling LIght, being Light, shining Light when darkness consumes.  I consider some questions this time of year:  How do I wish to let my light shine into the corners of darkness?  What do I wish to nurture, shine a light on, in the coming days to bring my own ‘Spring greening’?  Can I just let my little light shine a little bit more each day?  How will I ‘birth’ my own love and compassion daily?  What rises up with in me that needs more light so it can be seen?  Lots of questions.  I ponder them and let them have there time to be with me with no hurry to the answers.  Sometime Light needs time.











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Short are the dark days

Light keeps her promise return

Winter has arrived


Soul-tis of the light

Gives winter rest to ponder

Till Spring finds her green

~~~~~~~       7777777       ~~~~~~~


20 dec 2011   >  7/16  >   Charioteer/Tower


How do you stay focused and grounded?

What have you a passion for that you keep putting off?

What step can you take to shine the light on your passion?


My eyes opened waaaay too early this morning.  I’m thinking of writing and taking a nap.  HAAA.. like that will happen? Right?   

Tomorrow will be the ‘darkest’ / shortest day of the year.  Winter Solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere, will occur early morning on the 22cd.  For me it is a time of reflection on the year gone by, and a time to ponder what I will bring into the coming days of the light returning.  Where do I wish to shine my light?  How in these coming winter days of quiet and cold will I bring the light of me up and out?  What might I focus on, give my light to, in the coming days?  Questions to sit with and allow my inner wisdom to find the answers, the flow, the possibilities.

Where in your life needs more ‘light’?  How will you let yourself shine?








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I’m a slacker with the weather report.  I can tell you, that it is grey out there trying to unwrap the sun in that  Michigan kinda way and I’m Not grey inside.  How ‘bout you?

Oh.. and it is almost Solstice.  So close to the darkest day that turns it head to the Light for its return.  That makes me happy.  How will you celebrate the return of The Light?


Tis’ the Season

Call all your friends

Invite the whole family

Imagine the whole planet

without need, or want

without pain and suffering

without fear and grief

Imagine it so, 

Imagine it first in you


Turn the Lights on 

So we can feel you


Lay the table with heart

Make Love your centerpiece

Spike the wine with hope

Raise your cup to kindness

Celebrate forgiveness

Pass around the Peace 

of all you wish to be

See the Divine in each other


Turn the Lights on 

So we can feel you 


Make room at the table

For those that fear and want

For those that harbor hate

For those that forgiveness needs

For those that have lost their way

Share your Light, the food of your soul

Make room for the whole family

Life is a round table of connection


Be sure to turn the Lights

Tis’ the Season.

~~~~~~      666666      ~~~~~~



19 dec 2011   > 6/15  >  Lovers/Devil


How wide is your heart open for love?

What space to give for love to find you and expand with you?

What gets in your way of living and loving fully?








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The Kraken came

Visited me in my REM’s

White sheets were oceans

Pillows mountains of rugged green

He came and swallowed my sleep


It wasn’t like he meant to be there

trapped miles below on the sea floor

It wasn’t like he thought centuries of

hidden would be found


Found he was but an old ancient cannon

miles and miles down in the deep dark 

Just a cannon that opened it eyes to me

I swam in his Impossible green 

Locked into the rust of his awakening myth.


The Kraken swallowed me in my sleep

We awakened to want and desire

I turned and ran. I ran down the mountain side

A monster myth rising from metal and rust

As large as the Seven Seas


His mouth an entire oceans roar

That poured over the rugged green 

A tidal wave of destruction headed for me

There was no more running

There was no where to go


I turned and gave myself to him

Held his green eyes for my drowning

To swim eternally in his Seven Seas 

When in my final moment my body

Birthed wings and I flew to the heavens


~~~~~    55555     ~~~~~


18 dec  2011     >   5/16  >   Hierophant/Tower


Could you not carry your cell phone around with you for a day?

Could you go to the library and research an issue rather than Google it?

What if… What if … it all crashes and then what would you do?





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