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Within the ocean roar and the great shedding

Imagining the flow feeding the land

Ebbing on the edges of the what next

Sniffling away the woe of sifting sand


Sitting quiet to the deeper listen

Chapel bells play a heart felt chime

Filling up on the breeze that carries

A song to ease the busy mind


Deep within the tinkle gathers

Calls the sorrow out to the sea

Rising up the whole world’s laughter

Begins to fill every part of me


Feel the chortle and the giggle

Feel the woe give way to joy

Forgive the unforgivable  

Let your laughter be deployed


And so it goes in the whole wide world

Woe and laughter shift and swirl

Ever present both be given 

Make your choice what one will curl


All around your life in present

One will come and the other will go

Back again  one or the other

What attitude will you let flow?




31  Jan 2012    >  10/19/1   >  Wheel of Fortune/Sun/magician


If it’s your birthday or you’re feeling contemplative as this day unfolds here are some thoughts to consider:

On this ‘1’ day/year things to consider are how you initiate life.  How you shine, how you hold the tools of your life and move with them, use them.  It’s a time to know where you stand/sit in the wheel of life.  Do you stand centered, at the edges, or are you pushing the edges?

How would you like to shine as this year/day unfolds for you?

As you look to your tool box of life, what tool(s) best fit how you wish to have your life experience?

Is this a time to push the edges of life, or stand at the center of it?  Both?

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I cried for the whole world today

The entirety of all it filling me

Every ocean, every sea, every lake

every river, every pond, every puddle

I drank it all in and spilled it out

Sobs of sorrow and grief

Wails for poverty and loss

Howls for war and death

I wept for the dead kitten

I wept for my sick brother

I wept for a friend in need

I wept for me and you and them

I shook with the violence of

all those tears released

The magnitude of it all 


I cried for the whole world

I was the oceans and seas

and lakes and rivers and ponds.

For awhile, I let myself puddle

and then I prayed for peace

and love and kindness

healing and gratitude

I sniveled out hope

I gave a whimper of forgiveness

I moaned out a I’m sorry

When the tidal wave of it ceased

and the whole world had my heart

I forgave myself 





30 jan 2012    >  9/18   >   Hermit/Moon


If this be your birthday or just another wonderful day, here are some thoughts and questions to consider.

The Hermit shares his/her wisdom.  He holds a beacon of light that sways in the faraway or maybe the foggy night letting you know that wisdom is not so faraway and that the fog can be lifted with a thought and action.

Even in the shadows of the Moon, light isn’t but a step out where what was hidden can be seen or found.

How will you step out of your shadows?

What light do see just over there that calls to you to take action?

How do you bring the ‘faraway’ within reach?


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Winter is being very friendly this year.   Or so it seems, not laying inches and inches of snow on us.  It is the inches and inches of snow that protects the hibernating life, the seeds and plants that rise again in the Spring.  It feels odd, a little wrong and disturbing.  Solar Flares, Global Warming, The Earth having her time as she see fit.  What do we know, really?  A little of all of this and that… Nature Wins.


EArth finds her balance

She adjusts herself 

Shaking, blowing, trembling,

Storming, flowing, giving, taking,

Finding herself Be all of

What she can be in the Galactic

Scheme of things.


Finding your balance

adjusting yourself

shaking, trembling, laughing,

storming, flowing, taking

giving yourself to the discovery

that you are, As Above so below


Consider how you will

shine in the NIght sky

How you will give to your days

And how you will evolve

on an evolving planet that

really doesn’t need you 

to thrive and survive.


EArth wins, we’re lucky

to BE on the this Galactic ride




29 jan  2012   >  17/8   >  The STar/Balance/Adjustment


For your consideration if this is your birthday year or a day that feels like it needs more thoughtfulness: The Star is he/she who, in her vulnerability stands touching the Earth and reaching for the Heavens.  She is a conduit to bring Heaven to Earth and Earth to the Heavens, finding Balance and a way to adjust herself  appropriately.

How do you stand between Heaven and Earth?

What needs adjusting and Balancing?

Can you find safety in your vulnerability?


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I finished my contest story and I’m readying it for sending it out.  It’s A strange one tho’ I gotta say I find pleasure in it’s odd poetics.  I’m thinking that it will probably appeal to a minority,  which in a contest like this with a few hundred peeps, I might get dismissed right away.  The best part of this is having been given some parameters in writing and then having a week to write it.  I feel stretched in my writing.  A very good thing.If you want to read it, just ask and I’ll send it to you. Here is a little slice of it (not the beginning)  for todays poetic entry…


There was a time when there was pleasure in the ache of the Bite.  When it came like a crystal sway of sparkle and glitter taking us beyond our limited selves to a greater self for to find the treasures of the Frigid Sea. Its need to drive the Great White to the South Away expansion seemed less urgent and it’s drive into our bodies a gentle pain.

I could feel its tremble urgency as it staked it’s claim on my body.  Maybe it knew I was the Sacrifice, the Gift, and was bound to go beyond the Great White to end my days.  I wanted the ache of it, for the last time, to sear me from the inside out.  Make my body scream strong for my giving to the final Great Lonely.



28  jan  2012   >   16/7  >   Tower/Charioteer


If this is your birthday than you might consider these thoughts and questions for the year, or… perhaps today is enough.   The Tower invites you to consider how you build your life.  How you  might gather to you what is important, and what will be sustainable, as well as how you will do this creatively with out going to far away from the foundation/base of you.  The Charioteer asks that you keep your focus, your ‘eyes on the prize’ as you prepare and gather information for what it is that feels important to you. There maybe a time when your shear will will be needed to take action on behalf of you life.   

What do you wish to give your focus to and how will you do that?

Have you filled your tower with too much of what and is it working for you?

What inspires you that you would like to give more of yourself to 


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Blessed be the morning sippy

So what if too much makes me flippy

I get things done in a jiffy

When I have my morning sippy


Grind those beans up just enough

Scoop in the filter that strong stuff 

Pour in the water to 4 cups

Brew that coffee right on up


Sippy that coffee black as the night

No milk or sugar cuz that ain’t right

Wakes up my senses while I write

Sippy the coffee gets my mood alright


I don’t know about your ritual

Somethings are just habitual

My morning brew is unbeatable

Need it bad or I’m ill reputable 


Blessed be the morning sippy

So what if too much makes me flippy

I get things done in a jiffy

When I have my morning sippy





27 jan 2012     >  15/6   >  Devil/Lovers


If this is your birthday year or you want to consider this day from my point of questioning you to your own answers… Here we go.  The DEvil/Lovers combo speaks to how we negotiate and have our relationships, not only with other; with ourself.  The Devil challenges, and tricks, and tosses situations out to you that urge you to truly face yourself and how you give and receive in relationship/s.  The Lovers, also give out these challenges.  Their difference lies, ( if indeed there is a difference), in how the heart listen and how invested your heart is in discovering the best of yourself by giving the best of yourself.

How will you hold sacred your Love?

How might you make that Devilish part of yourself a learning/playful journey, rather than destructive?

How might the opening of your heart make room for healthy, positive relationships?


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Some silence fills the soul

Gives the mind time to be

Lets peace find it way in the busy

Gives calm to the daily chatter


Some silence speaks to rejection

Is the ‘treatment’ that says nothing

Hides the words that give the why for

No reason or understanding.


This silence is worse than death

It happens with the living

Finds no closure to the why of it

Just the dead silence aching


Stories breed in this silence

Fill the mind with no quiet

Of the What Happened? and

What went wrong?



There is no begging this silence away

The gnaw of it  takes the peace of you

Chatters the calm goodness to chaos

Takes a strip of your soul crying


The woe of this kind of silence

is not silent at all.

It is a place of fear

filled victim illusion


I write the circle of it back

to peace and freedom




26 jan 2012     >  14/5   >  Art/Alchemy/ Hierophant


If it’s your birthday than this might be thoughts and questions to consider for the year, or… maybe it’s just for this day.

What seems impossible and yet… if you mix it with a little of this or that, it’s could be amazing. What might be the little this or that?

What is the ‘box’ you got yourself into and what might you do to stretch yourself out of it?

What resource/s will you utilize that fills your spirit with joy?


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The remember when things use to be…

The talk of ; if only this would be that…

or if that would just do this than…

Or those ‘good ol’ days when we…

Life would be sweet. It would be right

It would abide by a previous goodness

that holds the key to all goodness

If in the ‘if only’ and ‘in the remember when…’


The extended linger in what was 

holds ransom the goodness of what is now

Traps the ‘remember when’ in a useless

serenade of long ago and yesterday

way past the glory of what it was

The quest for the good ol’ days

is that those days are here now.

As good as you make them




25 jan 2012   >  13/4/0    >  Death/Emperor/Fool

 Today’s invitation or your birthday’s invitation is that this will be a day/year to consider Ending and new beginnings; to consider how you will build your ‘castle’, its form and structure, its rules and security.  It will also be a year/day to remember to find the joy and pleasure in foolishness and to let ‘acting the fool’ bring you to a deeper understanding of letting go and letting life fill you in the moment, unburdened by ‘stuff’ and thoughts’ to know pure joy.

What does pure joy mean to you and how do you experience it?

What have you gathered that has become Too much and needs letting go of?

If you could transform one thing, what would it be?



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The Sun flares and changes the weather

Your Soul flares and changes your weather

The weather changes and then changes again

Inside and out the calm or storm finds you.

Ready or not it will come


There is no maybe that you have your cycles

There is no maybe that the EArth has her cycles

There is no maybe that our Galaxy has it’s cycles

Life cycles, it patterns, it shifts and flares

As above so below.


There is no maybe that the Planets orbit together 

There is no maybe they make-up a system 

That flows, united in orbital agreement

Depending on each other for heart and lung

Brain, and belly.


There is no maybe that to disrupt a system

That that system will not respond on behalf

Of the betterment of the whole system.

What ails will be attended to with a shift

Seashells are found on mountain tops



24 jan 2012    > 12/21/3/    >    HangedOne/Universe/Empress


If it is your birthday, (Happy Birthday Christy) than you begin your new year with the ‘3’.  This is the number for your whole year.  You leave  some of the realm of the ‘2’, a year the might have brought you closer to understanding your own intuition and counsel as well as that of others.  Maybe it was year/day of going deeper into your faith, your knowing of what lays beyond what you had once perceived and now you have a better understanding.  The Empress is an Earth Goddess that ‘births’ the wonder of new life in to being.  

You ease from what you learned from the ‘2’ into the a time now for letting your creativity flow.  A time to notice, observe, and then take action.  And… this is a time to have some fun as you notice the workings and elements of the world around you and grab a hold of some of that and see what happens.  You get to look at the world/Universe from a new creative perspective.  Bright blessings to you.


What in your life needs you to reevaluate and take a new perspective?

What did yesterday inform you about the flow of today?

What opportunity do you stand at the threshold of that invites you to step on in?




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Morning… I am steeped in this short story I’m writing for this contest.  What was I thinking?  It’s not my forte’ to do this and yet I really want to beable to write past my comfort zone.

The contest sends you three things that must be part of the story.  First.  Genre… which for me is Fantasy, next.. the subject; Frost Bite, and the Character; Mathematician.  Yep…   So…I’m writing a way at this Fantasy about Frost Bite and a Mathematician. I  might share.


Back to the Zero

Minus and plus the many

It’s where we began


The frost gives its Bite

Burns cold the freeze of winter

No linger on ice


Lust for life well lived

Listen beneath the chatter

you already know





23 jan 2012   >  11/2/20   >  Lust/Strenth/Priestess/Aeon/Judgement

Today invites you into how you exchange with other and how you have your own inner dialog.  It is a day to explore your accountability in your life.  And.. It is a day to consider your own counsel, your own deep wisdom.


What conversation might you want with yourself to clear out what doesn’t serve you?

If you sit silently with yourself, what wisdom rises up to speak to you?

What is the difference in following your instincts and following your intuition?


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Sippy the really good coffee.  I am contemplating a short story I have agreed to write in this contest I’m in. puts on several contests over the year and for my own experience in writing in different genre and styles, I have been participating.  They send us all a genre, a character, and a subject.  Mine is; FAntasy, math teacher, frostbite.  Yep,  that’s right, kinda crazy.  I’ll keep you updated.  For now, I will just give myself to a poem as that is what I do here every morning with no darn idea of what’s gonna roll of my brain, like right now.  Wat?  more sippy.


Sitting here with my kitty

Lap dog feeling kinda needy

Vying always for all my love


It’s just what happens when I be tappin’

at these keys for some poetic mappin’

The pets want a bit of all of me


Presently, the precious darlings

go away from my glare and snarling

Settle in to the over there


It’s not that I don’t care their feelings

It’s the needy that gets me seething

you’d think by now they’d know my stare


At last we settle into quiet time

I get to play out some poetic rhyme

That I lay out right here for me


I sorta care if you like it

If you don’t then you can bite it

Makes me laugh to write that down


Of course I care wouldn’t you?

I write each day it’s what I do

I blog it up and give it out


Anyway, what the hell

I’m amused and that is swell

Some days are more better


I’m closing this up time to go

This little rhyme is ready to show

See ya later in the bye bye

~~~~~~~~~~   10   ~~~~~~~~~~


22 jan 2012   >  10/19/1   >  Wheel of Fortune/Sun/Magician

‘1’ can be the loneliest number, and ‘1’ has tools.  The magician gathers the elements of earth, fire, air, and water and finds a way to use them in service to Spirit.  Or so it might go in the positive expression of singularity.  Today asks of you to consider yourself.  Consider how you might spin on the wheel of life, shine, and how you might use the tools you have gathered in life to make life it’s best.

What tool might you use today to finish a project, start a project, give of yourself, or take time for your own pleasure?

What does it mean to shine?

Is today a day to push the edges of life, or stand in the center of life?


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