I put the 1st and today’s writing here as I had no internet access yesterday… and so it is.  Peace to you all  and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

1 jan 2012   >  7/16  >   Chariot/Tower


We welcome this new year with a 7.  The inspiration of creativity seeking itself in order and order seeking itself in creativity.  The idea, the possibility that what you give your focus to will develop into a some form of value.  Something that you can ‘give’ yourself to that makes a difference in your world; our world.


What will you give your focus to?

What inspires you?

What has gotten away from you that you wish to bring back into your way of living?

What will you re-solve in this new year?


This is the first day in nearly 300 days that I did not post on my blog.  I could have gotten out in the slipper cold sleet and driving 8 miles to sit in my car outside the library in hopes of connecting to their internet.  I decide not to.  Writing anyway; posting tomorrow on my way south to home.


Today there is no labor in the making

Taking the day in restful exchange

Celebration had it’s midnight tradition 

The rendition of New Year’s bonfire

Fireworks in the coming year


The only re-solve was to clear the table

as if able to clear our minds of yesteryear

Make way for what we hope might be

To see the colour of mystery

History surrenders to now


Questions rise that have your answers

The midnight dancer gave up a new year

The refresh button waits for you to tap

or perhaps the call ignites your destiny

beyond history’s default.


A new moment trumps a new year

No fear held to some hopeful resolve

Laid forth long in the making

Forsaking it before it blossoms

De-solve your resolve


Start fresh in every moment.



2 jan 2012     >  8/17    >   Adjustment/balance/The Star


Todays pattern  of numbers…2/01/2012. that lead to an ‘8’ day.  Just thought I’d point that out to you incase you didn’t notice.  What does it inspire in you?


How will you balance this day?

What do you desire to adjust so the fit of this day works for you?

Have you considered the ‘Divine Order’ of life as you live it?



We talked of kindness and joy

The freedom in an open mind

The weather of politics

The conflict of religious righteousness


We talked of black and white

of polar shifts, of dinosaurs,

of diversity, of the health of dirt,

of farming, children’s futures.


We talked and talked some more

 to consider, to re-solve the ways 

of differences and sameness 

hidden and not hidden conflicts.


We talked our way back to kindness 

Finding the joy in our moments

Hoping to keep an open mind

Away from the bad weather of politic

And the chatter of our own self righteousness


We brought in the new year with talk

That we walk the way of kindness

And joy as the mindful way of action

With out reaction to what we can not change


“Be the change you wish to see”… Ghandi






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