3 jan 2012    >    9/18  >   Hermit/Moon

   Please Notice… that at the end of this writing, that along with my questions, I have shared a deeper insight into my interpretation of the number ‘9’ and the Hermit/Moon tarot ‘constellation’.  Should you be interested. 


I also want to share my gratitude for those of you that have followed me here in this journey of poetry.  This has been and continues to be, a joy to give myself to writing and my passion for numbers and Tarot.  I hope that what I do inspires you. I hope you feel the invitation  into your own creativity and deeper understanding of your own journey; whether your ‘Path/Way’ trudges along, treads along, races along, flies along, meditates along with whatever get stirred up in you; I pray that it all shivers and glitters every now and again.  I think that you get, that the ‘BE HER NOW’ is important to me, and that life is one ol’ big metaphor and we’re all about it whether we notice or not.  

Peace to you…  and a little Haiku


Stir up life’s journey

Listen to the wind’s earth song

You know the chorus


Shadows peace the Light

Time for quiet reflection

The forest is dense


Gather it all up

Season the pot as you like

Stir yourself right in


Tarot, numbers and questions


‘9’ is the number of completion, bringing the pieces together.  Shining a light where you can see what has to be done to pull it all together.

The Hermit invites you into your own inner wisdom so that you share and shine that wisdom outwardly.  

The Moon cycles from fullness to darkness over and over, reminding us that we have our cycles and patterns, are light and our dark ever circling around us and within us.  That in the darkness and shadows of life we pull the pieces of light together for wholeness over and over again.  And that there is a time for the quiet of the dark and shadow as there is a time for light to slowly rise within.


What brings your pieces altogether?  Quiet time? walking? business? projects?

Is there a ‘shadow’ in your life that you’d like to spread a little light on?

If you sit quietly, can you let a question rise within you that if you sit a little longer you will have an answer?



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