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The sippy of the coffee is particularly good this morning.  Same coffee, maybe it’s a taste bud thing.  My taste buds are highly attuned this a.m.  No complainin’.  Must have slept on them right.  Can you even do that?  Haaa..  Why…. I think you can.



Boredom hasn’t a chance to thrive

The wind pushes everything around

even in it’s still moments change

happens on a breath


Ride the wind’s call be it a breeze

or the impale of  blowing sleet

or whips of sand from a desert storm

all stirred up dry or wet, hard or soft


Boredom hasn’t a chance to thrive

in that tumultuousness of words

or thoughts, that tumble like bramble

maybe lay a caress across your dreams.


Hard pressed is boredom’s call to

find a place in the wind’s ever

present expression of life force

Your breath always has something to say


Boredom has no chance to thrive

There is too much Sun and rain

and life and death, and joy and laughter

and trees, and beach, and imaginings

and wonderings and love waiting





4 jan 2012   > 10/19/1   >   Wheel of Fortune/Sun/Magician


When the wheel turns, and turn it will, where will you be; centered, hangin’ on, at the edges?

How will you give your gratitude to the Sun within you and around you?

What tool in life will you use today?  i.e. courage? kindness? Patience? joy?



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3 responses to “NO CHANCE BOREDOM

  1. Nice imagery in your poem of the wind in many of its different guises! Also I find it interesting that all 3 of your numbers for this day are variations of 1….New start for you?


    • Those numbers are actually my ‘life/soul’ numbers from adding my birthday numbers together. It’s a tarot constellation of the number ‘1’, bringing all the affiliated tarot cards into the mix. I’m a ‘1’ and feel the Sun and The Wheel of Fortune gather around and are ‘allys’ to my Magician self. Are you familiar with MaryKay Greer? She has a set of tarot card and books that she’s written.. I love her books and love the one about the Tarot Constellations. Really resonated for me.
      My birthday is in a few days. My year number will be 11/2. thus for me, I will be entering my new year with Adjustment/balance/Priestessing. I have to sit with that for awhile and see what rises up. What is your ‘life/soul’ number?
      Peace to you my new friend. j


      • What day is your birthday Jeanne? Mine is January 11….Yours wouldn’t happen to be the same day, would it? I’m not exactly familiar with what you mean by life/soul numbers; the way I understand the B-day numbers is as representing one’s destiny, and mine is a 1. My character is a 9, with a 7 personality and 2 motivation…My karma is 6. A very Happy Birthday to you, hope all is well in your world!


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