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Since I choose  ‘breath/breathing’ as what I will dedicate my year to; I hope to include it in my daily writing.  Conscious/mind-full breathing.  Paying attention to my inhales and exhales.  Letting my breath pull me from the barrage of outside jabber and endless distractions into my Center, into my heart; calming, soothing, in the present/presence of now… breathing.   What’s that feel like for you?  I invite you to take a moment and breathe with me.  Let your breath clear your mind.  Let it exhale needless chatter and inhale calm and peace.  


Dorothy said it, “There’s no place like home.”

Closed her eyes, took a big breath

Tapped those little red shoes together

Imagined it so and there she was

If only you had the right red shoes

If only you knew where home really was

If only you knew the right rhythmic tap tap


“Home is where the heart is”

Heart is love, love is home

Home is where you find love

“Love makes the world go round”

Home is all around

Love is everywhere


Maybe it’s time to buy red shoes

Wear your passion on  your feet

Tap dance your way around the world

Notice that love is everywhere

It’s where home calls out to you.

Home has always been right inside you

It’s a sweet little pair of red shoes

that tap tap taps your heart beat.


You are your own wizard

Dorothy found that out.



6 jan 2012   >  12/3/21    >   HangedOne/Empress/Universe


What in your life needs you to give it a new perspective?

Is it time to co-create a new job, a new project,another way to look at things?

When you stand and look to the sky, how do you imagine your place in an infinite Universe?




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