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what’s your pile of beliefs?

*******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************  your pile here*********************************************************************************  

So many things to believe in

or not, which is a belief unto itself

The gift of thinking scatters beliefs

out into the everywhere all the time

gathering them up in segregated piles

giving them names and honoring 

the wonder of at last finding the ‘right’

belief, the right order of ‘things’

stacked over there in the shelter of

some edifice that glorifies the believing


It all makes sense to gather and celebrate

or gather and chatter, or gather and defend

or gather and rebel, or gather in the feel good

or gather in the feel alone with a pile 

of beliefs tucked in the privacy of hopeless

The more that gather around one stack built

up to the heavens encourages that mound

to be the right heap.


I have a little piles over here and over there

beach stones stacked beneath the Sun and stars

that remind me of the the magnificence of

Earth and Nature under the canopy of

beyond-what-I-can-imagine as my shelter

The celebration of me and you is all stacked up

in little heaps in my house, my car, my work


I am reminded when I look at them that

I belief in you






7 jan 2012   >  13/4/0   Death/Emperor/Fool


Take a look around your life; what needs you ‘let go of’ it?

Who has your back?

Are you in control of your life?


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