Thinking of Judith before her birthday…Happy Birthday my unsung poet friend.



9 jan 2012   >   15/6   >   Death/Lovers


Love and Death 


When Love calls it asks for all of you

Death hears the whisper and empties his breath

Raises the scythe to cut away  

what you believe,  think, perceive, 

desire, yearn for, hold on to.  

Gasping, holding on, desperate,

Fear-full of that last whip of the scythe

Love has asked for ‘all of you’

Will you give yourself w-holy to Love?  

Unbound, unconditional, heart-full, 

heart-aching realm of Love.  

Love and Death transform 

inside out, outside in, ash to ash, 

nothing to everything

everything to nothing

Love and Death set you free


What calls you to loving?

What voice within you fears death?

Is there something within you that you might transform to give more room for loving?

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One response to “UNSUNG FREEDOM

  1. A lovely sentiment…Thank you ever so much for thinking of me…


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