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 Arched Distortion

Grand Rapid, Mi



If you get too far away from the root of you

and nature heaves your land up and out

When you extend beyond your reach

with the sky as your limit

And the moon singes your wings


If you wonder why IT didn’t find you

in the best lay of all your plans

When the reach was met in the extend

and the sky was the tower’s ceiling

and you never needed wings anyway


If you seek only for the finding

In the outcome hope that you will get It

When your root needs a drink

from the parch lament of the Sun

And flying, circles you back to home


If living in the ‘if’ dampers your choices

points a finger at what is or isn’t

heaves you up from the root of you

and holds you hostage to the ‘if only’

What if you noticed you’re good right now?




10 jan 2012  >  16/7  >  Tower/Charioteer


How do you ground your focus?

Does it matter that something/someone will always be one step ahead of you?

How much more do you need to get to where you are?



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