shoulda, coulda, oughta,



Lost to the Shouda’, coulda’, oughta  

It coulda’ been in the ‘if only’ but then

They all danced on the head of a pin

raising hands and screaming

“Pick me” for the feel bad in the didn’t do


There were no see’ems fluttering everywhere

before your eyes as  you stared at that pin

The shouldas, couldas, oughtas, turned on you

Pricking your self esteem into a bloody mess

of ‘you didn’t do it’ and ‘if only’, not to mention

What’s wrong with me?


You missed the Sun rise and the Full Moon

Intent on the shoulda’, oughta’, coulda’

playing out on the head of pin begging

Out your victim self to yesterdays finale

Turning on you in spite of your best effort


It all happened minutes, hours, days ago

and you’re still bleeding out the shame of it

A coagulated puddle of shoulda’, coulda, oughta

That needs you to step away and out to

The Sun rise and the Full Moon glow


Cause all that Light desires to burn away

That fog of shame covering your landscape

Out and up and beyond that little pin head 

with all the  shoulda’, coulda’, oughta’s

Ego bent on you never being enough 


Could it be, 

should it be, 

ought it be, 

that you are enough just as you are?

~~~~~~~~        88888888       ~~~~~~~~




11 jan 2012   >  8/17 >  adjustment/balance/Star


How do you shine in the night sky?

Look around you; What needs your attention and adjustment?

HOw do you balance your being to the rhythm of the Earth?


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