She found her way back

It wasn’t a lazy country road

She took the Express lane

Full speed in the discovery

That she had made a wrong turn

She wanted back to herself


She’d patterned herself 

To hard buff, muscled up

Tight Jeans and leather

Looking all good and tough

It was a look, a persona 

She gave it to him hiding herself


She lost her way hidden like that

He knew and took her tough

Roughed her up. Pushed at her

Moved her soft center every which way

Further from herself she went

Making babies to ease the lonely


Shame hides in the hidden

Fairy tales live in the Brother’s Grimm

Muscle Beach is a cube on Venice Beach

And who you think you are

Might get patterned to the rhythm of

histories pains, and ‘I’ll show you’.


She found her way back even with

Angry children’s confusion

That stormed the house

Laid her heart to anguish

Ripped at a piece of her soul

She found her way back


Pretending she could be her self again

Till the pretending became the truth.




12 jan 2012   >  18/9   >  Moon/Hermit


January’s number patterns thus far have been pretty cool. Today; 12/1/2012.  If you like patterns, they are everywhere, always with a story to tell.  The Moon has a very definitive patterns; light to dark, dark returns to light, seen, hidden, Full, crescent.

What patterns do you see around you?

What are your personal patterns?

What about the patterns within you that you’d like to change?

What have you patterned you life off of?

Sippy the coffee…


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4 responses to “SHE FOUND HER WAY BACK

  1. love to see her home at last,

    beautiful journey captured here,


  2. When pretending becomes the truth . . . That’s quite the reminder of how our patterns become our life. Thanks!


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