Her capricious caper caught the curious Clarise

Clad cleverly, certain of the choral chime

Chanting celestially close to her caper


Certainly her cheeky chatter caught

the clever cloak of constant celebration

Certain of Clarise’s curious commotions


Choice changed the common circumstance

Crashed the caper’s curious caprice

Challenging her clever clad self


Circumnavigating this cluster cluck

She chose to cheat certain caper clues

Collecting new circumstances cautiously


Certain as certain can certainly be

She changed her cleverly clad outfit

Coming to Clarise chanting a new chant


The choral chime capturing her celestially

A constant cacophony of chilling cessations

Charging Clarise’s curious composure over and over


SNOW!!…  a little dust of snow on this magical friday before my birthday.  There is such beauty in the austerity of it.  All clean and smooth.  Everything stark and defined.  As much as I like colour and flourish, I love this too.



Friday… 13 jan 2012   >  19/10/1   >  Sun/Wheel of Fortunate/Magician


On this lucky Friday the 13th how will you be a little ray of Sunshine?

As you survey the circle of your life, what feels important and what needs refreshing?

With your magic wand, what will you tap tap tap to give enhancement?



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  1. Well I finally found the comment box.
    I had almost forgotten what I was going to say.
    Well done.

    Let’s hope I get this posted without having to do puzzles


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