14 jan 2012    >  11/20/2  >  Lust/Luster/Aeon/Judgement/Priestess


This is my birthday, the beginning of a new year.  So, the questions will be very much about what I invite myself to consider as this ‘new year’ of mine unfolds.  What calls to me from the above Tarot cards as they represent my year to come.  I have given a brief description of them.  Of Course… I invite you to consider them too.

Luster; A way light interacts with the surface of a crystal, rock, or mineral.  A gentle sheen or glow.

Lust:  Passionate Desire.

Aeon: The gift of innocent Wisdom

Judgement: Feeling called to something greater than and rising to the accountability of it

Priestess:  She Who ‘stands between the worlds’ counseling what wisdom might need knowing as you become ready to be initiated into your next Spiritual awakening.

How I choose to interpret this for myself:   This year invites me to the gentle sheen and glow of my passion.  To deepen my spiritual wisdom as I remain accountable to myself, listening to my inner counsel as well as the wise counsel of others. All this brings me to the gift of Spiritual, Emotional, and Loves Awakening call.


What will I do to experience more Passion and Luster in my life? 

What calls  to me to ‘rise up’ and be more accountable in my personal life and how I might support my community?

How can I listen more deeply to my own inner wisdom without letting distraction pull me away?  

How will I let my breath bring me more deeply into the present moment?


Winter brought me here

A blizzard fierce, wild, raging

Snow flakes on my tongue 


Lust in the glow 

Light lays sheen on my surface

Naked and ready


Decades leave rusting

Flesh will soften and withers

My fire burns hot


Old outside young in

Wisdom has aged beautifully

Enough as I am





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  1. Happy Birthday Jeanne…Love the photo!


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