Good morning… a little sippy the coffee.  AAAHHH…  Here we are on Martin Luther King Jr. day, tho’ I honored him in poetry yesterday, I give his spirit a wave and hold each day to the dream of human compassion and the spread of kindness with peace everywhere and in everything.


If peace isn’t in my heart

Will it find itself in my home

At my work, in my garden

With my friends, my family?

Will it find itself at the edges

And corners and center of me?

Is there Peace in the stories I tell

Of me and other, and them, and that

As I share my days,  my hours

My moments in chattered exchange?

Has Peace found me amidst the

Sad, the lonely, the grief, the despair,

The lost, the wretched, the ugly, 

The stupid, the idiots, the killers,

The rapists, the politicians, the dark evil?

Is Peace only selected for some things

And not those other ‘things’ that

Batter my edges and center and

Places of discomfort and anger?

If I can’t find Peace within all that

Do I really ‘give Peace a chance?’

Am I a Peace generator or lazy

In my peace, giving when it’s convenient, 

Or pretty, or easy, or a sweet puppy,

Or sad friend, or where my heart string

Gets pulled and I’m all soft and tender?

What when Peace is hard to give?

Can I give it then?  

Can you join me in giving it then?

Can we give ‘Peace a chance’?

 ~~~~    4    ~~~~


16 jan 2012  >    13/4/0    >    Death/Emperor/Fool


  The stages of ‘4’; of matter, of structure,  of order…..Formless, Form, transform. again

What in your life feels formless and needs either transformation or a plan to bring it to order?

Isn’t it about time you took a leap of faith?

Can you trust that a mistake is you being highly creative and you can try again?



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