I have to say, I love Mighty Good Coffee.  sippy sippy. It’s might good.  Ann Arbor has some excellent coffee bean makers. There’s a lot to say today and I choose to not ramble on and on.  Suffice to say…Coffee’s good.  The moment is good.  And Poetry needs me now to ramble on.  Haaaa…hhhaaaahhaha


I felt the clay’s wet turn in my hand

Elbows held solid to my thighs

Knees gripping the wheel edge

My cupped hands, thumbs up squeezing

Squeezing pressure to the dripping clay

as it coned up in the turn of the wheel

I could feel the chunk of it change form

Moving slick beneath my clutched palms

The oozed of grey slip between my fingers

puddling, dripping, slipping, changing

My slow release around the moist form

A woman’s perfect breast  in clay

I wanted to keep it, cherish this first

expression formed from my hands


I took the sponge upon instruction

Squeezed my breast with water

making it slick and shiny

It’s sensuality a masterpiece

Curve my hands in said position

Pushed and pressed my breast

Slowly, lovingly, gently

into a hockey puck.

I took a breath 




17 jan 2012   >  14/5   >  Art/Alchemy/Hierophant 


The Hierophant seeks out the Sacred Mysteries.  Alchemy is the Art of mixing the impossible with the improbable and making magic happen. ‘5’ is restless. It seeks out of the box in the exploration of all it can be.  

What, in your restless heart, do you seek to explore?

What do you ‘make sacred’?

Is there something in your life that seems impossible and needs you to mix a little sumthin’ sumthin’ in?



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2 responses to “FIRST ACT WITH CLAY

  1. I love this! I had to wash the clay from my hands after reading it. Well done!


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