This morning is soft and quiet

Once the cat is feed and the 

Meow is lost to his belly

And the dog lays his squeaky toy

Down for his morning constitutional

The furnace hums giving it’s heat

And a few snowflakes slide gently

Between the naked trees to the Earth


Sippy the coffee. Settle into the chair

Consider the daily numbers

Consider the Daily Tarot cards

Consider the Questions

Get up amble around the house 

Fuss with dishes, wipe the counter

Pour more coffee, sippy on it

hear the quiet hum of life 

On this winter morning


Wonder about what didn’t get done

Wonder about what will get done

Wonder about work and the pot stirred

Wonder about the Devil and Love

Wonder what to write..

Take a breath and another 

Wonder some more, and some more

That leads to think about roasting marshmallows

and melting chocolate on Gramcrackers 

For SomeMores.


The snow stopped.

The cat licks his paws

The Dog sleeps

I type, sippy, listen

to the quiet of the morning

in my wondering wandering

poetic mind.




18 jan 2012    > 15/6  >  Devil/Lover


This is a day to consider relationships with others and with yourself.  We are often quick to believe that the Devil will make life hell, be destructive, and turn our lives upside down.  This indeed can be true And.. what if you shift your thinking and see the Devil as an opportunity to be wise in your relationships; to not let bedevilment distract you from having a healthy relationship.  To not give you best to foolishness and trickery.  When you ‘dance with the devil’ DoN’T let him/her take the lead and go down the path of difficulty and deception. Rather, see that devilish dance as an opportunity to attend to your negative thinking or your feelings of victimization.  That maybe this time you can twirl away.

What if you choose the Path of Love first?

What if you defy the urge to combat love when it gets hard?

Can you name three reasons you deserve to not sabotage love?


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