FYI… THIS is a painful poem.



I wet her hair, pump the shampoo

“How was your holidays? I say

I say into her clear eyes 

Eyes that have something to say 

Eyes that have pain and hope

She tells me she lost her husband

She says it wasn’t the worst of it

The shampoo oozes between my shock

Meeting those eyes in her pale


Not the worst of it? NOt the worst of it?

He took his own life in car on country road

Lost for four anguishing day

Dead in his car alone on a country road

A bullet to his head all alone

A note on his chest of his sorry

I wash her hair, sending some tender

In my tremble to her scalp

Her apology for having to tell me

washes down the sink in a froth

I let it whirl away with fresh water

Down the drain

Comforting her apology 


I wonder if the conditioner will soften

Something other than her hair

Will my fingertips massage away

Any of her grief and send it down the drain

Will I snip away any of the depression

Will her short new ‘do’ give her some feel good

Will looking in the mirror to her new self

Support her healing her great loss

“I’m sorry.”  I say

I say it to her ear as we hug.  A quick clench

I say I’m sorry and pray for the grief to fade

Pray for her children’s heartache 

Pray for the husband that couldn’t bear living

One more day. One more minute.

In his car on country road with a bullet

A note of great sorrow on his chest




19 jan 2012    >  16/7   >    Tower/Charioteer


This is a day to consider what you have gotten away from that was once fundamental to you and how you live your life.  You may have lost your focus. You may have laid some ground work and then made a jump that pulled you too far away from the reason you laid that foundation in the first place.  Also, this can be a day in which you honor the foundation that you laid and  the focus you kept to bring you to a celebration of a job well done.


How might you celebrate your stick-to-it-tivenes that brought you a good outcome?

What next step might you take to reach your goal?

Can you dream big and stay true to the fundamentals of your dream?



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5 responses to “DOWN THE DRAIN

  1. Cynthia Reedy

    OhBaby…you touched me here…my God honey…how precious your soul loves and feels.. Blessed and amazed by your compassion J. Cindy.


  2. Linda C

    To lay hands on the head of one in such grief is a gift. To share it with us, another.


  3. The use of language and the matter of fact style stood out the most for me. Nice work.


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