Once upon a time there was a girl

She had a curl in the middle of her forehead

Her heart’s desire was to be a nun

It seemed fun enough to want that

She had no real idea what a nun was

Or wasn’t or anything about the

Act of being a nun. Her love for her

pastor uncle, the stain glass  that filled 

with Sun light on a Sunday morning

The chant of latin foreign to her ears,

The smoke of incense in her nose

It all swooned her little girl self 

Into want and desire to wear the habit

Be in black with hands in prayer

Nodding and smiling, and smiling

And nodding, hands held high pressed

together blessing and praying for the less 

fortunate, the ill, the dying, the grieving,

everyone in her family, all her friends

All day, praying for everyone and 

everything all day robed in black.


She called her nun doll Sister Marie

They prayed together every night

kneeling at the edge of her bed

for  everyone and everything in the

whole wide world.  Sure to not leave

Anything or anyone out together


It was once upon time long ago 

She wanted to be a nun, robed in 

black, shuffling through the aisles

beneath the stained glass stories

of Jesus and the Saints and all

Glory of heaven, full of incense

tasting the Holy cup of blood and 

a wafer of the body of Christ

kneeling in prayer for everyone and

everything everywhere in the Universe


Now, when the moon is full and

Heaven is opened wide to the everything

And the fire blazes in the center of the world

She strips to her nakedness, to hear the chant

of the trees, and the song of the stars, 

and the hum and buzz of the creatures 

She raises her arms to whirl and twirl

around the dancing flames in the dark night

celebrating the magic of all that is 

and ever was and ever will be 

She prays with all of herself for all of you

~~~~~~~~~         9         ~~~~~~~~~


21 jan 2012   > 9/18  >  Hermit/Moon


Today is a day to pull it all together.  No more lose ends. No more having to dig around in the shadows; opportunity to bring ‘it’ to completion and fullness is available to you.   There is that piece of the puzzle that now presents itself and you know what to do with it.  And… if ‘pulling-it-all-together’ doesn’t happen today, give yourself a break and know that you have opened the opportunity today, you have lite a path for it to happen.

What’s missing in your life that needs your attention?

What inner wisdom, inner feeling/thought can you notice that brings you to completion?

Can you be grateful for what you have already done?



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4 responses to “PATH OF PRAYER

  1. Linda C

    This is a wonderful narrative, Jeanne. The sacred, yet uninformed beginnings of faith that lead us ultimately to the Whole.


  2. Such a wonderful poem and prayer. I am not now, nor was I raised, Roman Catholic, but I also was drawn to the life of nuns. Basically, it was more the thought of a devoted and sacrificial life that appealed to me. As I grew older I realized that such a life was possible for all who desired it, and I didn’t need to join a convent to live that way! Your beautiful closing thoughts reflect that perfectly. You prayer for us is vivid and beautiful, and it is returned!


  3. Cate

    Love this!! Put this in your to be published pile!


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