Sippy the really good coffee.  I am contemplating a short story I have agreed to write in this contest I’m in.  www.nycmidnight.com puts on several contests over the year and for my own experience in writing in different genre and styles, I have been participating.  They send us all a genre, a character, and a subject.  Mine is; FAntasy, math teacher, frostbite.  Yep,  that’s right, kinda crazy.  I’ll keep you updated.  For now, I will just give myself to a poem as that is what I do here every morning with no darn idea of what’s gonna roll of my brain, like right now.  Wat?  more sippy.


Sitting here with my kitty

Lap dog feeling kinda needy

Vying always for all my love


It’s just what happens when I be tappin’

at these keys for some poetic mappin’

The pets want a bit of all of me


Presently, the precious darlings

go away from my glare and snarling

Settle in to the over there


It’s not that I don’t care their feelings

It’s the needy that gets me seething

you’d think by now they’d know my stare


At last we settle into quiet time

I get to play out some poetic rhyme

That I lay out right here for me


I sorta care if you like it

If you don’t then you can bite it

Makes me laugh to write that down


Of course I care wouldn’t you?

I write each day it’s what I do

I blog it up and give it out


Anyway, what the hell

I’m amused and that is swell

Some days are more better


I’m closing this up time to go

This little rhyme is ready to show

See ya later in the bye bye

~~~~~~~~~~   10   ~~~~~~~~~~


22 jan 2012   >  10/19/1   >  Wheel of Fortune/Sun/Magician

‘1’ can be the loneliest number, and ‘1’ has tools.  The magician gathers the elements of earth, fire, air, and water and finds a way to use them in service to Spirit.  Or so it might go in the positive expression of singularity.  Today asks of you to consider yourself.  Consider how you might spin on the wheel of life, shine, and how you might use the tools you have gathered in life to make life it’s best.

What tool might you use today to finish a project, start a project, give of yourself, or take time for your own pleasure?

What does it mean to shine?

Is today a day to push the edges of life, or stand in the center of life?


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2 responses to “LOST IN WEIRD RHYME

  1. Cate

    Read this while a tune played in my head! Very musical poem… LIKE!


  2. I love my pets too such unconditional affection they offer. Love the picture of you and your mom…also the older one I saw somewhere here on your blog of your mom as dancer! Great photos and I’m sure for you great memories!


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