Morning… I am steeped in this short story I’m writing for this contest.  What was I thinking?  It’s not my forte’ to do this and yet I really want to beable to write past my comfort zone.

The contest sends you three things that must be part of the story.  First.  Genre… which for me is Fantasy, next.. the subject; Frost Bite, and the Character; Mathematician.  Yep…   So…I’m writing a way at this Fantasy about Frost Bite and a Mathematician. I  might share.


Back to the Zero

Minus and plus the many

It’s where we began


The frost gives its Bite

Burns cold the freeze of winter

No linger on ice


Lust for life well lived

Listen beneath the chatter

you already know





23 jan 2012   >  11/2/20   >  Lust/Strenth/Priestess/Aeon/Judgement

Today invites you into how you exchange with other and how you have your own inner dialog.  It is a day to explore your accountability in your life.  And.. It is a day to consider your own counsel, your own deep wisdom.


What conversation might you want with yourself to clear out what doesn’t serve you?

If you sit silently with yourself, what wisdom rises up to speak to you?

What is the difference in following your instincts and following your intuition?


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