The Sun flares and changes the weather

Your Soul flares and changes your weather

The weather changes and then changes again

Inside and out the calm or storm finds you.

Ready or not it will come


There is no maybe that you have your cycles

There is no maybe that the EArth has her cycles

There is no maybe that our Galaxy has it’s cycles

Life cycles, it patterns, it shifts and flares

As above so below.


There is no maybe that the Planets orbit together 

There is no maybe they make-up a system 

That flows, united in orbital agreement

Depending on each other for heart and lung

Brain, and belly.


There is no maybe that to disrupt a system

That that system will not respond on behalf

Of the betterment of the whole system.

What ails will be attended to with a shift

Seashells are found on mountain tops



24 jan 2012    > 12/21/3/    >    HangedOne/Universe/Empress


If it is your birthday, (Happy Birthday Christy) than you begin your new year with the ‘3’.  This is the number for your whole year.  You leave  some of the realm of the ‘2’, a year the might have brought you closer to understanding your own intuition and counsel as well as that of others.  Maybe it was year/day of going deeper into your faith, your knowing of what lays beyond what you had once perceived and now you have a better understanding.  The Empress is an Earth Goddess that ‘births’ the wonder of new life in to being.  

You ease from what you learned from the ‘2’ into the a time now for letting your creativity flow.  A time to notice, observe, and then take action.  And… this is a time to have some fun as you notice the workings and elements of the world around you and grab a hold of some of that and see what happens.  You get to look at the world/Universe from a new creative perspective.  Bright blessings to you.


What in your life needs you to reevaluate and take a new perspective?

What did yesterday inform you about the flow of today?

What opportunity do you stand at the threshold of that invites you to step on in?




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  1. I like this poem very much…it’s a thinker. I especially like the last line, so beautifully and simply illustrates your point.


  2. You may not have ever considered it, but there might be some sort of correlation between solar flares and human behavior. Consider if you will some of the evidence for solar system happenings and human behavior, for instance, we do know that on very hot days [heat comes from the Sun] there are more road rage calls into the Highway Patrol, and you can even study this for yourself, when the weather is very hot and muggy, or just plain wicked hot you will notice more aggressive driving, and see more people using their middle finger gestures more.


    • hi… thanks for your comment. I absolutely think there is a correlation. We are all connected to the All of the Universe.
      I feel the Full Moon, the weather changes, certainly, if I’m paying attention I am feeling the Solar Flares.
      As Above so below… and so it is.


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