Some silence fills the soul

Gives the mind time to be

Lets peace find it way in the busy

Gives calm to the daily chatter


Some silence speaks to rejection

Is the ‘treatment’ that says nothing

Hides the words that give the why for

No reason or understanding.


This silence is worse than death

It happens with the living

Finds no closure to the why of it

Just the dead silence aching


Stories breed in this silence

Fill the mind with no quiet

Of the What Happened? and

What went wrong?



There is no begging this silence away

The gnaw of it  takes the peace of you

Chatters the calm goodness to chaos

Takes a strip of your soul crying


The woe of this kind of silence

is not silent at all.

It is a place of fear

filled victim illusion


I write the circle of it back

to peace and freedom




26 jan 2012     >  14/5   >  Art/Alchemy/ Hierophant


If it’s your birthday than this might be thoughts and questions to consider for the year, or… maybe it’s just for this day.

What seems impossible and yet… if you mix it with a little of this or that, it’s could be amazing. What might be the little this or that?

What is the ‘box’ you got yourself into and what might you do to stretch yourself out of it?

What resource/s will you utilize that fills your spirit with joy?


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  1. cute dogie,

    your blog gives one haunting and exciting feel.


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